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10 Mens Vegan Belts That Will Make Carnivores Envious

mens vegan belts

Good news: an animal doesn’t have to die for you to be fashionable. Neither do you have to shop in the children’s section for non-leather vegan belt options. These days, brands make amazing vegan belts that can rival any of their non-vegan counterparts.


If you’re still not convinced, allow us to make a case for going vegan, at least when it comes to your fashion vegan belt accessories. If you’re here just for vegan belt recommendation, jump ahead to the list.


The ballad of vegan belt pleather and leatherette


Things have been changing in recent years. Not only are the manufacturers staying away from real leather and using renewable material to produce leather substitute vegan belts, but they don’t look and feel like plastic anymore. Going even further, some are even more durable and long-lasting than real leather.


Let’s talk about Cork Baby


Cork has been used as a leather substitute for centuries. Humans have been using cork for various purposes for over 5000 years.


If you ever have an opportunity to travel to Portugal, you must check out all the cork shops. You’ll find them stocking everything from vegan belts and bags to shoes and table mats.


With little love and care, a cork belt can last you a lifetime. And now, they also look amazing. See our recommendation below and tell us if you can see a difference between a vegan belt and a regular leather belt.


You can-vas do it


While canvas belts are a standard part of the field kit, the ones we have eyes on can look great with almost any outfit. 


We have a couple of picks that can serve any purpose, and one that has such an awesome buckle others won’t notice you are not wearing a traditional belt.


Why should I buy a vegan belt?


Non-vegans let’s have a chat. Vegan, you’re free to skip to the next sections.


Even if you don’t care about the plight of animals, you should still check out vegan leather. It’s eco-friendlier and more sustainable vegan materials. It’s less toxic to produce and it’s more versatile.


But, if you only care about personal benefits, you should know that it’s cheaper. Vegan leather often costs several times less than real leather but feels and behaves like the premium stuff. Vegan belts are a great way to explore this new world.


Where to buy vegan belts?


Your favorite clothing and accessory stores probably already carry a variety of vegan belts. However, you’ll fare better if you buy from independent brands and manufacturers.


Indie brands are more likely to offer better options and the best currently available vegan belt materials. Plus, if it is also a vegan-run business, they will care about every step of the process from sourcing to manufacturing and packaging.


Check out the list below to see what some of the best vegan belt brands on the market are right now, and what they have to offer.


Best Mens Vegan Belts


Artigiano Green Vegan Cactus Leather Mens Belt

cactus leather mens vegan belts

  • Premium vegan leather vegan belt made from cactus.
  • High-quality buckle and construction.
  • A great range of colors.


Let’s start simple. This vegan belt has a classic and timeless design, with a twist. Other than standard neutral colors, the manufacturer also offers this awesome green and a couple of other unique but wearable shades and buckle options. We picked this one in particular because it could jazz up any outfit while still looking elegant.


Artigiano is a great company for those who are looking for high-end quality and design, but sustainable and cruelty-free vegan materials. Their vegan belts are those that will last you years, or even decades, and look stylish in any season. We recommend this brand to anyone who may dress like a square but look good doing it.


SlideBelts Men’s Ratchet Fit Belt

  • Comfortable fit.
  • Easy to use.
  • Premium quality vegan belts and elegant design.


These vegan belts look amazing, it’s very easy and comfortable to wear, and no one will be able to tell it’s vegan.


Unlike other sliding belts, this one has notches on the inside of the belt that will keep the buckle in place. The band has some elasticity to it but it’s still firm enough to keep your pants up. You don’t have to worry about the size since you can easily trim the band to fit you.


It has no downsides outside of being slightly pricier than most of the other vegan belts listed here. We recommend it for any outfit, from simple jeans and T-shirts to tailored suits.


Axesoria Men’s Reversible Vegan Belt

  • Maximum bang for your buck with a completely reversible vegan belt.
  • Slightly stretchy material for more comfortable wear.
  • High-quality vegan materials and silver colored buckle.


We love convertible things. Less consumerism means less carbon footprint.


These vegan belts are great for non-belt people. If you need one belt for weddings and similar rare events when you have to dress up, pick this one. Not only is it completely reversible, but it also has a bit of stretch. If you’re not used to stiffness around your waist, you will appreciate how this one feels.


But you do get what you pay for, and this belt is not as sturdy and long-lasting as the other entries on the list. If you need something you can wear day-in and day-out, pick another belt.


Doshi Polished Gunmetal Mens Belt


doshi gunmetal mens vegan belts

  • You-can’t-believe-it’s-not-leather appearance.
  • High-quality microfiber vegan leather and construction.
  • 5% of the company’s revenue goes to charities that benefit animals, humans, and the environment.


We believe that Doshi vegan belts will have a similar trajectory as Prada. The Italian company started by selling leather goods, while California’s Doshi offers a wide range of cruelty-free products. The reason we compare it with Prada is the luxurious design and premium construction that makes this company comparable to any other high-end brand.


These vegan belts have a timeless and versatile design with a hint of modern elegance provided by the gunmetal buckle. But if you crave something a little bit more interesting, check out the next two entries.


Doshi Auto 1 Vegan Belt


doshi auto 1 vegan leather belt

  • Superior design and construction.
  • Premium microfiber vegan leather.
  • Removable buckle and customizable band.


Another amazing Doshi offering. Look at that buckle – it’s modern, sleek, and makes this belt look like it should have a three-figure price tag.


It’s also one of those rare items you can buy online without doing hours of research and size chart comparisons. The belt size corresponds to the size of your jeans, but if you’re not sure, you can go for a size bigger. The buckle is completely removable and it’s easy to trim the band to fit you. Since there are no holes, there’s nothing else to worry about.


The belt truly deserves its five-star rating, and we recommend wearing it with a well-tailored suit to the office, or with jeans and a shirt to the bar.


Doshi Auto Vegan Belt


doshi auto belt vegan belts

  • High-quality construction.
  • Premium vegan materials at an affordable price.
  • The buckle looks like a sports car.


For some unfathomable reason, someone decided that we can’t have cars on our vegan belts once we grow up. Well, the joke’s on you, you fictional sourpuss, because Doshi came up with this awesome buckle design.


It’s very obvious in these pictures but will be subtle enough on the body that people in the office will not figure out you have a sports car on your buckle. And since it’s Doshi, you’re getting premium quality construction and materials, and a donation to charities that benefit people, animals, and the environment.


Klik Belts Tactical 2 Ply Belt

  • The strongest belt in the world.
  • Military-grade nylon band.
  • Quick-release buckle made from aerospace aluminum alloy.


This cruelty free vegan leather belt was built for performance. The manufacturer says it’s ready for any mission, made to be the strongest belt in the world, and that’s even suitable for holding a gun holster.


The buckle is rated with a 4000 lbs. in straight pull and made with astronaut-grade aluminum alloy. The band is made from the highest quality nylon and will outlast its competition.


It’s not the “prettiest” option on the list, but it’s the most durable one. If you need something to outlast the zombie apocalypse, this is probably it.


The only issue could be the price. However, many customers think it’s worth the cost since they come back to buy it in different colors.


Grip6 Ultralight Mens Canvas Belt

  • A sliding belt with a well-designed buckle.
  • Patented friction lock that keeps the belt in place.
  • Weighs less than half an ounce.


Are you looking for a perfect belt for summer? This one from Grip6 is so lightweight and comfortable to wear, you will never go without a belt in hot weather.


At first glance, it will remind you of the belts you wore in childhood. However, things become very interesting with this elegant buckle design. Though it’s ideal for outdoor activities, it looks good enough you could get away with wearing it to work as well.


It won’t slip or get undone, and there are truly downsides to it. You may be skeptical about the price when you compare it to other models, but that will change after you wear it a couple of times.


Mission Belt Mens Ratchet Canvas Belt

  • Elegant leather-like look made from vegan leather.
  • Easy-to-swap buckle.
  • For every belt sold, the manufacturer donates a dollar to fight global hunger.


Not trying to pull at the heartstrings, but do you want children to starve? Okay, buying one belt will not solve world hunger, but it’s a nice perk when your purchases come with a couple of karma points.


Though you don’t need good karma to find this belt attractive. It has excellent construction, and a few shades don’t look that different than classic leather or suede.


Speaking of shades, you have 40 combinations of buckle and band colors to choose from. And if that’s not enough, you can replace the buckle for a completely different look. So, if you just buy black, grey, brown, and red sangria, each with a different buckle, you’ll end with 16 different looks.


We don’t see any downsides with this belt, but the manufacturer issued the warning that it may cause delusions of grandeur.


Corkor 35mm Reversible Mens Cork Belt


corkor reversible belt mens vegan belts

  • 2-in-1 reversible belt.
  • Superior sustainable durable cork leather.
  • Versatile brand and suitable for any outfit.


Minimalists, rejoice! This belt is completely reversible, offering you two looks in a single belt. One side is black, the other brown, so it will match every outfit that comes to mind.


And you need to take a very close look to see that it’s cork and not matte raw leather. It feels soft and almost buttery to the touch. This one is 1 3/8=inch wide, but the manufacturer makes a skinnier one if that’s more your style.


The only issue is that you may need some time to get used to the buckle. Most complaints come back to it, and some customers don’t like how it sits over certain types of pants.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there’s no need to go the traditional route when looking for a good belt. Vegan belts are equally well-made and can take on their non-cruelty-free counterparts any day of the week.


If you’re vegan and have been struggling to find well-made fashion accessories, we hope that this article was helpful, and will lead you to our site to purchase your first vegan belt with Cruelty Free Belts. If you are a carnivore, maybe this piece will persuade you to check out more sustainable options.


We would also recommend that you read some more of our phenomenal blog posts including: The Best Ever Recycled Material Vegan Belts by Jelt Belt“, “The Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes Taught by Vegan Chefs“, “Ethical Exercise with the Best Vegan Weight Lifting Belt“, and “High Quality Vegan Belts and Shoes by Wills Vegan Store.”

What makes vegan belts so appealing to buy and use?

The benefits of vegan leather outweigh any concern you might have about the welfare of animals. In addition to being eco-friendly, vegan materials are more sustainable. Compared to other alternatives, it has a lower environmental impact and is more versatile. In addition, vegan leather can usually be found for a much lower cost than real leather but feels and behaves like the more expensive stuff. Once you have taken care of a cork belt, it can last you a lifetime with little effort.

What makes the best vegan belt for men different from the rest?

The classic and timeless design of the vegan belt has been infused with a modern twist. In addition to neutral colors, the manufacturer offers many other cool colors and buckle options, including this awesome green. Furthermore, these are comfortable and easy to wear because the band has some elasticity but is still firm enough to hold your pants up. Vegan belts are also making a name for themselves as the strongest belts in the world, and some of them are even compatible with gun holsters.

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