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Benefits And Manufacturing Process Of Cork and Cork Belt

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What is a Cork Belt and How are they Manufactured?


Reading the word cork probably had you thinking about the brown seals of wines and other liquor bottle related product. While a bottle cork is one of the popular product made with cork, this material has a lot more to offer.


wine cork cork beltThe cork is an organic material that is obtained from cork oak trees. It is the outermost sheath of it or the bark which is collected when it matures to 20 to 25 years of age. The usage of cork as an easy alternative to animal-based materials in clothes and other daily items is much more environmentally sustainable. In addition to that, the process of harvesting corks also helps the cork oak tree’s health and longevity.


cork tree cork beltTo harvest corks, cork harvesters have to make vertical and horizontal cuts through the bark with an ax.  This process requires precision and care as cutting too deep makes the tree susceptible to damage. The cork is often from the cork oak tree’s trunks and other lower branches if it is already mature and large enough. Lastly, the cork is gently removed or peeled from the cork oak. This process is only done once every nine years to keep it in its optimum health and give it much time to regenerate.


cork slabs cork beltThe fresh slabs of cork are cured outdoors for up to 6 months and more. By allowing the corks to cure outside, they become stronger and flat making them more suitable for creating a variety of new products that you may search for like a cork belt. Subsequently, they are cleaned with heat and liquids which makes the cork softer, more flexible, and a better experience.


This process finally results in fairly lightweight and buoyant, durable, and flexible cork materials that are also resistant to fire, rodents, and insects. They can be used in cushions absorbing things like shocks and sounds, as well as floating devices for fishermen and more. Its versatility doesn’t end there as in the present time, corks are also used in fashion product like a cork belt or clothing.


It wasn’t a long time ago when a cork belt sale started catching on in the fashion industry as more and more brands seek sustainable alternatives to animal-based materials.  Sellers of a cork belt (like Cruelty Free Belts’) uphold vegan standards and are guaranteed to source their materials with no animals involved and they started getting promotions from customers who search for them and got better sales.  Search for and buy a cork belt for yourself, your friends, and family today that they are sure to love.  Checkout all women’s Corkor Belt, add to your cart, and order by clicking here; see all men’s Corkor Belt, add to your cart, and order by clicking here.


cow hides cork beltFrom raw cork materials, they are manufactured to cork leathers for cork belt as an easy alternative to animal-based leather. Upon curing and cleaning the slabs of cork for several months, a fabric layer such as cotton is then pressed on the cork sheet as a backing. The fabric layer is adhered to the cork by suberin, an organic adhesive present in the cork.  Finally, cork leather, the most environmentally sustainable vegan leather is formed. The cork leather can be cut to fit into different cork belt strap sizes and sewn to achieve different designs and finish. Finally, the cork belt buckles are attached creating an overall design you’re sure to love.


Search for a cork belt that is long-lasting and has a smooth and shiny finish that gives off a luxurious and fashionable appeal to customers. In addition, cork leathers are hypoallergenic so they can be used by almost everyone in general for clothing.


The Environmental Benefits of a Cork Belt


While to shop for a cork belt or belt buckle may seem to be a minor fashion product for customers.  They continue to be constantly sought after by people of all genders and sizes that love them. Every one of us wears a belt with our own color preference and size which makes them used more often than other fashion items.  A belt is a functional fashion item that also add more style and aesthetic detail to the rest of the outfit. They accentuate the waist while keeping bottom clothing up and secure.


Throughout history, we have seen how people were using a belt for different useful purposes and how the belt materials were constantly altered. The first belt ever made can be traced back to the prehistoric times of the Bronze Age. Back then that kind of belt was made to carry tools and were made with softened tree bark. As time progressed, a belt began to be made with fabric, and leather. While the belt transitioned and had gone through different changes, the popularity of a belt made with leather or simply a leather belt carried on up to the present times, which is a problem we can stop.


To buy a leather belt is one of the most expensive fashion products today due to their luxurious appeal and durability. However, the leather material used in a leather belt takes a long time and also takes a huge toll on the ecosystem, which is a problem. A leather belt is manufactured by using the skins or hides of dead animals like crocodiles, cows, pigs, and almost any other animals on the leather cork belt While some sellers may argue that obtaining hides from farm animals is moral as they will be destroyed anyway, this is not the case anymore in today’s world for getting more sales.  Therefore, we all should think more ethically and stop buying a genuine leather belt in favor of vegan leather.


As the demand grows further, the leather industry and giant fashion brands also continue to capitalize on these animals regardless of any known ethics. Due to this demand, raising and killing animals for their skins have overgrown and became a major animal welfare concern today to get more sales. In fact, in an article by PETA, it was noted that the global leather industry slaughters billions of animals for their hides each year. Furthermore, aside from the cruel killing, these animals are raised in extremely unfavorable situations of overcrowding, deprivation. confinement, and more.


Furthermore, the more animals are raised for leather, the more energy is wasted abusing different energy sources. Raising these animals also contributes to the pollution of waterways. The EPA has even confirmed that factory farms are accountable for 70% of the water pollution across different states in the US alone. Lastly, these animals consume more areas of land and take away habitats for other animal species.


The usage of leather products like a leather belt is still nowhere near overgrown given the fact that many people continue to patronize leather products. Nevertheless, each one of us is given a chance to choose a more ethical and more sustainable choice when it comes to our search for daily items including the type of belt or belt buckle we choose to shop and wear.  Wouldn’t you love to buy and slide one of these high-quality cork belt around your waist today?


Men’s – 

  • Corkor 30mm Classic Single Prong Belt


  • Corkor 35mm Dress Belt


  • Corkor Reversible 30mm Brown/Black color Belt


  • Corkor Reversible 35mm Brown/Black color Belt


Women’s – 


  • Corkor 25mm Belt


  • Corkor 40mm Belt – looks good with jeans, casual, or all dressed up


One of the most sustainable alternatives when it comes to a leather belt is a cork belt. This belt is made of cork material which is obtained from the cork oak and is processed with the utmost concern for the environment.


Using cork material for a cork belt hurts no one and that includes the cork oak tree itself. In fact, using corks help the its health and longevity. Cork harvesting includes removing the outermost barks of the cork oak promoting regeneration which can significantly extend the lifespan of the tree. Harvesting only occurs once in 9 years to allow proper growth and avoid hurting them internally.


The process of making cork is also environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require any harmful chemicals that cause pollution. Planting more cork oak trees in forests for more cork material is also helpful for reducing toxic CO2 emissions and can also provide habitats for diverse species of animals and plants to experience.


Additional materials for a cork belt and buckle are also organic. The most important addition to cork leather when making a cork belt is the fabric backing. This fabric backing is ideally cotton which is also a sustainable material. As the cork belt is made with cork leather material and organic fabric backing like cotton, it is deemed biodegradable and can decay as fast as other organic items.


Finally, to shop for a cork belt can provide cruelty-free and financially rewarding jobs for thousands of people working for different cork belt brands to experience or improve upon sales.


With the perceived sustainable potential and benefits of the cork belt, it is not surprising that many brands are also starting to introduce this great product. One of these brands is Corkor, a vegan cork belt brand that is selling high-quality vegan accessories for customers to search and shop for. This brand offers a number of vegan products and a great selection of belt to shop for made with certified and high-quality cork leather. Help to load up on these great products for yourself, friends, and family.  Corkor offers the world best belt are also handmade to ensure quality and superb craftsmanship for their customers.


While Corkor is selling a number of various cork products, the Corkor vegan cork belt continues to gain popularity among people who opt to purchase an ethical belt from Corkor sellers.  A Corkor belt is known for its straightforward and versatile design, color, and size cork belt that is suitable for daily use for men and women to shop.


Join in and shop the Corkor Reversible Cork Belt.  It is just one type of versatile and durable Corkor belt that you can shop today. It has a noticeable silver-tone buckle and reversible feature allowing any user to use the belt in two colors namely black and brown. The buckle is also removable so you can confirm your size and cut the belt according to your size.


Women also have cork belt options from Corkor. Consider your purchase for the durable Cork belt 25MM  for women which features a silver-tone buckle and slim strap so you can use it with a wide array of outfits including clothing. It is classy and simple and can go well with many color, size, and styles for women.


When you shop for a cork belt of your color and size preference.  I highly encourage you to buy from Cruelty Free Belts which is dedicated to giving you the most reliable and well-researched recommendations. You can easily browse and shop different cruelty-free and ethically sourced vegan belts at the comfort of your home and start using them as soon as possible.  We would like to request that you visit our cork belt product pages and shop today by clicking here.


Why choose cork over other materials


The cork material is an organic and long-lasting material that has been in used for thousands of years now. It is especially known for its flexibility and durability which makes it a highly versatile material to fit the needs. It is used for various purposes and daily great products like clothing, household product, interior materials, furniture, insulation, buoy, and more.


The cork can also be processed into leather and can be used as an alternative to the rest of animal-based leather, a material produced from dead animal skin. It is a more ethical and environmental option as corks are cruelty-free and organic for clothing.


The cork is the outermost bark procured from the cork oak tree. It is harvested by cork harvesters by cutting horizontal and vertical lines on the cork oak tree trunks and branches. They then carefully peel off the cork from it avoiding any damage. This process doesn’t just benefit the cork harvesters but also the tree as it stimulates regeneration and growth for better health and noticeable longevity.


The raw cork is then cured outside under the sun and rain to strengthen and flatten it. As per treating the cured cork, only water is used and no toxic chemicals are released that are bad for people and the environment. For cork leather, additional organic fabric backing is needed but these backings are also organic making them highly biodegradable shopping. Depending on the additional materials, cork products are generally biodegradable and can form decays into nature as fast as wood.


Making more cork sources for cork leather is also beneficial to the environment compared to creating more leather sources for purchase. To increase sources of cork, more cork oak trees are needed to be planted. Just like any trees, these cork oak trees can absorb CO2 emissions benefiting animals and human beings. They can also provide a habitat for many animals and plants. Furthermore, corks can be re-harvested from the same tree after nine years making them a renewable source of the material unlike real leather which is bad for animals and the environment.


environment choose cork beltOn the other hand, increasing leather resources mean having to raise and kill more animals like pigs, cows, crocodiles, and more for their skin. This leads to animal abuse, too much usage of energy, and even water pollution.


The cork oak trees are not just beneficial to grow but are also cheaper and don’t consume much energy. They can thrive in their natural habitats without having to waste any resources.


When it comes to quality, the cork material is highly dependable and durable. However, this may vary depending on the type and manufacturer so you might want to do your search and confirm first before purchasing and wearing a cork belt with a buckle.


Aside from its durability, cork is also resistant to liquid, flame, rot, insects. It is also lightweight and flexible making it fairly suitable for making list of various items. It has lesser chances of cracking and the quality details remain throughout the years.


Using cork can also affect your health and safety in a significantly positive way. Cork is naturally an anti-microbial material to work correctly to prevent the formation of molds, termites, and other infestations. It is hypoallergenic as well making it safe to use for people with allergies. It doesn’t absorb dust and other harmful toxins. It can be used in any weather conditions and temperatures too as clothing.


Many love the natural rich tan details and texture of cork however for some who are not a fan of it, cork can still work correctly at all times. Cork can easily be painted, stained, or processed into different colors and styles but do not wash and dry.


Switching to products made with vegan materials and clothing by doing such things as wearing a cork belt doesn’t just help the environment but also raises awareness for the growing animal welfare and environmental problems. It gives us a chance to help live ethically for a more sustainable future, and it starts with the search of the right belt.  If you’d like to you can also read another blog post to learn more about the ethics and sustainability of cork belt by clicking here Please view and shop for a durable cork belt from Cruelty Free Belts’ today.  Check them all out and add to your shopping cart by clicking here Are you excited as we are about Cork Belts and want to keep reading?  If this is y0u, please considering reading out other Cork Belt related blog posts: 5 Reasons why Cork Belts are best for Animals and the Environment“, and “Cork Belts – Ethics and Sustainability – All you ever wanted to know.”


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How are cork belts made?

The cork harvester uses an ax to slice vertically and horizontally through the bark before harvesting the cork. Cutting too deep can damage the tree, so it is critical to use precision and care during this process. Also, it is necessary to cure the cork slabs outside for a minimum of 6 months and as long as 12 months. Then, as the cork dries outside, it becomes stronger and flat, making it possible to create a variety of new products, such as cork belts. Following that, the cork is cleaned with liquids and heat to make it softer, more flexible, and more pleasant to touch.

In what ways are cork belts beneficial to the environment?

Since cork belts are no longer raised and killed for their skins, animal welfare issues have grown and become a major concern today. Aside from that, the more animals are raised for leather, the more energy is wasted by utilizing multiple energy sources in the process. It is also detrimental to the environment to raise these animals in a way that pollutes waterways. Moreover, there is even evidence from the EPA that factory farms across different states in the US are responsible for 70% of the pollution in the water. As a final point, these animals occupy larger areas of land and deprive other animals of their habitats.

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