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going green vegan fashion vegan beltsGoing green in your vegan fashion by choosing a vegan belt is probably the best yet one of the most natural ways to live a sustainable and eco-friendly life. From being an accessory for the elite, vegan belts can now be found on people regardless of their status. Depending on their style, vegan belts have their way of elevating a simple look into a stylish one. Put on a little extra piece in your attire by following this simple guide and switch to the best vegan belt offerings in 2022.


What are Recycled Vegan Belts?


leather tannery pollution vegan beltsFor years, we have known that the leather materials we have in our clothes are gathered mostly from animals like cattle and calves, skins of snakes, crocodiles, and other species to make such textile. However, these materials can be toxic not only to the environment as it emits harmful toxins in the air but also to people because the animal skins are preserved with chemicals that can be toxic. Hence, the movement to switch to vegan fashion and eventually vegan belts came to life.


dog and cow animal friendly vegan beltsVegan belts made with animal-friendly vegan fashion accessories that look the same and are as genuine as the regular leather belts made with animal skin, yet no animals are harmed with a vegan belt. Rather it’s made of “pleather” otherwise known as plastic-based vegan leather belts made with material such as polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to achieve the synthetic leather material.  At Cruelty Free Belts we offer belts made with sustainable materials like vegan leather belts, recycled material belts, cork belts, and canvas belts that will last you a lifetime and they are also a sensitive skin-friendly option.  This is great for someone who has psoriasis, eczema, or any other skin irritations.


Be Animal-Friendly and Choose Vegan Belts


chemical water pollution vegan beltsVegan belts made from vegan leather are the best alternative to animal-made leathers. Aside from the fact that it imposes lesser environmental risk by keeping out harmful chemicals from releasing in the air as well as to bodies of land and water due to factory waste, it also means that less animals are harmed to make the vegan leather belts that we all need.


It is also an added point to show off your cruelty free lifestyle along with being environmental-friendly. Choosing a vegan belt means going green and it is an ethical option while also hopping unto the trend of stylish and modern vegan leather fashion. Vegan belts are not limited to basic colors only but are also open to a wide variety of colors. In this article, you will find a range of the best vegan belts to help you to go green in 2022.


Best Recycled Materials Vegan Belts for Men –

C4 Vegan Belts



Why not divert your plastic reusable and recyclable plastic materials into useful vegan belts for men? C4 belts have done just that. These are popular, stylish vegan belts made out of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) faux leather materials. These vegan belts are guaranteed to be manufactured using high-grade raw products, cut to size a custom-fit belt up to 44″. It stands out as that these vegan belts are designed with a wide variety of interchangeable belts and buckles, built to last, easy-care procedure, and the vegan leather material is waterproof which is surely your bet when it comes to a vegan belt. C4 belts only downside is that they’re limited to a subjective taste and some people might choose a metal buckle over a buckle made of recycled plastic bottles.


These are some of the C4 faux leather vegan belts for men designs you might want to check out:


C4 Belts – Food-

bring out your foodie self and let your belt speak for your food of the day from fruits to snacks up to desserts.



C4 Belts – Animal-

use this in your daily fashion by matching jeans and shirt and make this belt your fashion statement.



C4 Belts – Novelty-

varies from pastel rainbow pride to pan pride, rainbow + brown buckle, navy buckle, pink buckle, and silver chrome buckle rated 4.3 out 5 on Amazon.


C4 Belts – Classic-


a clean type of C4 belt whose buckles and belts can be interchanged. This is not only designed to last a lifetime but to also make you look like a timeless trend.



C4 Belts – Holiday-

bring out your inner jolly with these eight Christmas holiday designs.



C4 Belts – Skinny-

skinny but with a lot of options from marble to mosaic, patterns to multicolored ones, and more.



C4 Belts – Dog-

especially made for dog lovers to show off that love with these fantastic dog breed belts in each fun pup graphic.



C4 Belts – Golf-

if it’s convenient and less maintenance than you want then to get yourself a perfect-fitting C4 golf belt.



C4 Belts – Fashion-

let your style scream with these beautiful designs and artistry inspired by the beach.



C4 Belts – Equestrian-

enjoy the bits and pieces of equestrian fashion with different colors and designs as well as interchangeable buckles.



Croakies Vegan Belts


Croakies’ Artisan 1 & 2 belts have a casual, comfortable fit up to 42″ but can also be customized to your liking. They’re great for tackling the outdoors or making a fun fashion statement with detailed sublimated prints to match your style and personality, and the bottle opener buckle is handy after a long day of hiking. Croakies’ artisan belt collection uses 100% recycled plastic bottle webbing as part of the company’s commitment to reducing waste in product design.


Croakies Artisan 1 Recycled Belt-

inspired by the many artistries you find around; your belt will surely add character to you and your fashion style. Available in 26 designs and is rated a 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon.


Croakies Artisan 2 Recycled Material vegan belt

Not impressed with version 1, try version 2 available in 6 designs and is rated a 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.


Jelt Vegan Belts


Jelt belts are 100% vegan and sustainably designed belts and look different than a faux leather belt. These are elastic, no-show buckle belts made of heavy-duty elastic webbing that can be easily adjustable and are designed to move with your body. It features a grippy inner gel in both men’s and women’s belts to ensure that your belt stays in place. The grippy gel efficiently holds up your pants and heavy jeans with or without belt loops. It only has one size that fits everyone up top 50″. This belt also works great as an elastic hiking belt, biking belt, or ski and golf belt.


Jelt X Adjustable Recycled Elastic Stretch Belt-

a belt that fits the fashion of both men and women and screams sophistication and class in navy blue, black, and brown.


Jelt Recycled Elastic Stretch Belt-


a light, compact belt with snap closure and grippy inner gel available in sizes extra small up to large.


Why Choose Recycled Vegan Belts?


This sustainable fashion might seem to be music to the ears of vegan lovers and environmental advocates. With the many benefits that it gives, it also has its fair share of downsides. Despite that fact, the pros of vegan belts made with vegan leather (can also be known as faux leather) always outweigh those offered by leathers made out of animal skins.  There are also other recycled products vegan belts can be made out of such as old fire hoses.  Read, Fire Hose Belts – Recycling old fire hoses the right way for more information.


Quality and Durability


Whichever material you choose, two important factors should be considered– quality and durability. These factors are vital in choosing between vegan leather or faux leather belts and real leather belts because of the environmental impact this causes. Considering this, we don’t want a belt that easily wears if used a couple of times, right? Although vegan belts are often lighter than real leather belts, this can also mean that it feels less durable than the latter. With the right way of caring for vegan leather belts they can last you a lifetime.




Water has been one of the number one enemies of genuine leather. It can create cracks, brittleness of the fabric, and loss the oil in the material. When it comes to this, vegan belts whether they’re made from vegan leather (otherwise known as faux leather) or not have the advantage.  Some vegan belts are made out of plastic materials making them water-resistant and easier to clean but harder also to maintain as conditioning products cannot penetrate their material.  While other vegan belts look like they’re made with more like an imitation or faux leather material.


Guilt-free Fashion


This is the ultimate advantage of vegan belts over animal skin-made belts. These vegan belts are also made with non-polluting materials which means that when more people switch to vegan leathers (otherwise known as faux leather), the more animal cruelty-free and eco-friendly we can be in our fashion. Usually, real leathers are treated with chemicals to preserve the quality of the material. This causes harm to the environment, as well as to the person wearing the belt.  To know that you are wearing a guilt-free faux leather belt that does no harm to animals and is cruelty free is something you can surely be proud of.


Better Real Leather Alternative


Some people will say that the quality of faux leather deteriorates faster than real leather, but we haven’t found this to necessarily be true.  You can buy better quality vegan belts at a lower price than some real leather belts.




Recycled material vegan belts are the future of eco-friendly fashion. If you prefer not to wear the plastic-made ones, you can try and feel the quality of Cruelty Free Belts other vegan belt offerings including cork belts, vegan leather belts, and canvas belts and see if they might suit your taste better than one of these recycled material vegan belts. Not only you can achieve style and aesthetics but also help the environment at the same time, diminishing the usage of cruel real leather belts. Now that you have found the best vegan belt selection in the market, you can help make a difference for the benefit of animals and the environment by choosing faux leather belts over genuine leather belts.  


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In what way are recycled vegan belts different from leather belts?

This is not literal recycling as everyone seems to think. This material is called "pleather" or plastic-based vegan leather. It is made of polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride, which are plastic-based materials and produce synthetic leather. Further, vegan leather belts, recycled material belts, cork belts, and canvas belts are just a few of the sustainable materials Cruelty-Free Belts use to create belts that will last a lifetime and are also designed to suit sensitive skin types. With this, anyone with psoriasis, eczema, or any other skin irritation will benefit from this product.

So, what are the best recycled vegan belts for men?

In terms of vegan belts, the best vegan belts are those made out of Thermoplastic Elastomer faux leather materials. A comfortable and custom-fitted vegan belt, available in sizes up to 44'', is guaranteed to be manufactured using high-quality raw materials. Vegan belts, these belts stand out because they feature interchangeable buckles and belts, are built to last, are easy-care procedure, and are vegan leather material that is waterproof, which is a plus.

What benefits do recycled vegan belts offer?

There is no doubt that quality and durability are the most important factors to consider when selecting a material. Further, vegan leather belts feature these factors, and they're important when choosing between real leather belts and faux leather belts in terms of the environmental impact they cause. A vegan belt is also water-resistant, so it won't cause cracks, brittleness of the fabric, or loss of the oil in the leather.

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