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Veganism is a style of life that focuses on maximizing innovative materials while utilizing plants and also promoting the welfare of animals.  Using sustainable materials too is part of the vegan lifestyle. A vegan’s philosophy is not eat or consume anything that harms animals and to oppose animal cruelty in any manner.



While there is not a high proportion of vegans, they still make a great difference for animals, the environment, and for their health.  Some vegans opt to focus on things other than food, such as fashion industry, vegan craft supplies, and choosing a sustainable belt over real leather belts. They may even go as far as to purge their closets of genuine leather belts in favor of cruelty free belts.



Fruits and vegetables are the most common foods consumed by vegans. It is normal for them to consume a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes (beans), and whole grains. This manner of eating is not only extremely healthy, but it is also beneficial to the environment, and of course for the animals!  Vegans have an increased responsibility in caring for animals and do make a difference in the supply chain by choosing vegan fashion for a better less cruel demand.



vegan foods ethical beltsVegans can eat and do what the ecosystem tells them to do to survive, therefore if no other food is available, a vegan might still be a vegan if they choose to consume meat for survival. Being an advocate for animal welfare does not need you to attend slaughterhouses and protest, but it would help if you stopped purchasing animal products. This includes purchasing sustainable belts made with sustainable materials over real leather belts. 



Animals’ lives will be spared if demand is reduced in the fashion industry for genuine leather, and people instead choose vegan fashion.



pigs ethical beltsWhen you decide to go vegan, you must do it at your own pace, and choosing a method that works for you is critical. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle may appear to be challenging.  Still, the prospect of making such a significant lifestyle change like choosing to wear vegan shoes is usually scarier than the actual act of doing so.



There is no turning back once you’ve decided why you want to be a vegan. You may choose to become a vegan for a variety of reasons, including your health, the environment, and/or the welfare of animals.



beyond meat ethical beltsStart by eliminating all animal-derived items (including dairy) from your diet and substitute them with whole grains, legumes (beans), fruits, and vegetables for a healthy diet, or donate your actual leather belt and replace it with sustainable belts or Cruelty Free BeltWe at Cruelty Free Belts’ offer a great vegan collection of belts made with sustainable materials. Some vegans go so far as to also purchase vegan shoes.



Most individuals learn that their way of life, eating specific meals, or clamoring for a particular brand of belt only lasts a few weeks. The longer you go without it, the easier it is to make substitutes, so gradually introduce vegan alternatives to some of your favorite meals and possessions. It is up to you to determine which meals or items you enjoy the most and how to avoid using animal products on them.  Choose Cruelty Free Belts as your go-to stop for the best vegan accessories.

Non Cruel Belts and other Vegan Products in the Market



Veganism is the way of the future! Our ecosystem will deplete if we do not act on how animals are used in the marketplace. Several company owners are also making the move to veganism as well. There are products made that are vegan, ethically made, and assist animal welfare by encouraging veganism in the manufacturing process.


Here are some vegan products available:




There are several vegan fashion industry hand crafted ethically made items on the market today without animal exploitation, and all you have to do is contribute your part by consuming vegan products and take social responsibility to inspire others to do the same ethically. When you start using vegan products including buying some of the best vegan belts made at Cruelty Free Belts’, others in your network might be interested in doing so as well since they will realize the benefits.


Where can you get an Ethical Belt


Polyurethane, specially made for any creator’s impulse, is commonly used to produce veggie lover calfskin. Plantain leaves, apple peels, other fruit scraps, and recycled plastic may all be used to make products that compete in terms of inventiveness and sustainability with animal skins.



All belts made are without animal cruelty and come with an attractive look. They are durable and PETA-approved, which means free of animal exploitation. Vegan leather belts are divided into two categories: men’s belt and women’s belt.


Types of Ethical Belt for sale at Cruelty Free Belts

For Men:

Doshi Vegan Leather Belts

Doshi Polished Black Chrome Belt ethical beltsdoshi auto belt vegan belts

Doshi vegan leather belts are belts made that are high-quality, long-lasting items. They use microfiber-based vegan leather, which is more supple and durable than the leather used by most other companies.


SlideBelts Men’s Ratchet Belt – Custom Fit



They also provide custom-fit belts with a fashionable no-hole belt design for men to wear. It is long-lasting and composed of microfiber-based vegan fashion leather. You may wear it guilt-free.



For Women:


Doshi Square Reversible Belt


Doshi Square Reversible Womens Vegan Belts


It brings comfort since the straps can be easily adjusted to your perfect waistline. The design is stylish since you may select between two reversible colors on both sides. It is produced in the form of cruelty-free belts.



Doshi Gold Ring Belt


Doshi Gold Ring Womens Vegan Belts


This belt is made of a gold-colored buckle and comes in a variety of colors to pick from. The sizes are customizable to fit your waistline. You may learn more about this by clicking on the link provided.



Slide belts Women Classic Ratchet Belt



The belt has no holes, making it look classy and fashionable for females to wear. This belt maybe adjusted to fit any woman’s waistline. Since no animals were harmed throughout the production process, it is excellent for ladies to wear in a fashionable and guilt-free manner.



These vegan leather belts are just a few of Cruelty Free Belts’. You may go directly to their website to get more amazing ethical belts that you can wear with comfort.


Canvas Belts


Canvas is a durable plain-woven fabric that is commonly used to support oil paintings and other items that demand a high level of durability, such as handbags, electronic device cases, shoes, and belts. Canvas is also used in the production of belts.



This type of belt is made using as many plants as possible and is one of the best belts available. Canvas straps offer a pleasant texture and are extremely strong. It’s crafted from a cotton/acrylic blend. When burnt, this material melts, giving it the durability of nylon and the exquisite texture of cotton.



Canvas belts are created from non-animal materials, encouraging animal cruelty-free living. The welfare of animals is preserved and ensured during the production process of these belts.



Here is the assortment you can look over:


The Cobra Buckle Belt with a 1.5 Nylon 1 Ply belt


This is an excellent choice for a casual style. Klik Belts manufactures the greatest men’s and women’s belts using the most durable materials. Because of the adjustable belt design, a proper fit with a work suit or jeans is guaranteed every time. Wearing a cobra belt is acceptable in a variety of settings, including the workplace, the mountains, and the seas. When nylon belt webbing is designed to its maximum strength, there is no loss of beauty or comfort.


Klik Belts 2 Ply Belt 



This one has a straight pull of 4000Ibs, full strength without losing appearance or comfort owing to military-grade nylon belt webbing. The adjustable design offers a great fit every time, whether used as a hidden carry belt, military belt, work belt, or nylon belt.


The Cobra D-Ring 2 Ply belt buckle from Klik Belts



These are produced from the world’s robust materials available. The 1.5-inch two-ply robust nylon belt is designed to fit most regular strategic waist bands. Each Klik belt comes with a Cobra belt clasp made of 7075 aluminums, the same unbending metal used in aviation.


The Cobra buckle 3 ply from Klik Belts



This is unparalleled in pulling capacity, durability, and aesthetics. The durability has been tested, and it has withstood all of the pressure. The nylon belt stitching, which is combat, is strong and appealing. Our adjustable belts can be used as an emergency belt as well as for any massive or everyday purpose.


These canvas belts mentioned are just some belts made by manufacturers affiliated with Cruelty Free Belts. You can directly visit their website to find more amazing belts that you can comfortably wear.


Cork Belts

It is mostly produced for commercial usage from Quercus suber (stopper oak), a tree endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. It is derived from the impermeable and buoyant phellem layer of bark tissue. Suberin, a hydrophobic chemical, is found in cork.

cork trees make ethical beltsThe material used to make these belts is designed to be long-lasting and durable while remaining cruelty-free. Cork is the most exemplary component for creating belts for clients due to its mechanical durability. It is easy to keep up with since it does not retain dust. Cork belts are among the most vegan and eco-friendly belts available.

For Men:

Classic Single Prong Buckle

Natural cork belts have a pure moral consciousness. It comes in a gorgeous gift box, making it the ideal gift for any occasion. There are several options for both commercial and corporate functions, as well as special celebrations.

Corkor Men’s Cork Belt – 35mm Wide

This cork belt adds a trendy touch of comfort to your jeans, whether for office or casual. It will provide you with a flexible and comfy feeling while using it. Being fashionable and stylish does not endanger animals.


For Women:

Corkor Women’s Cork Belt 25mm Wide

It is perfect for your casual outfit giving the finishing touch. This belt can make you feel at ease knowing that no animals were harmed upon the production. Its design exudes a feeling of elegance.

Corkor Vegan Belt for 40mm Women

Nonetheless, it is both adaptable and comfortable. Stylish without causing animal suffering. An everyday belt is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. If you’re seeking for a high-quality alternative to leather, this is the ethical belt to consider.


These cork belts mentioned are manufactured sustainably by Corkor and are just a few of the belts available. You may go directly to their website to get more cool belts that you can comfortably wear.  Corkor also has some more vegan belt offerings you can see them on their website click to view: Corkor Mens Vegan Belt Collection or Corkor Womens Vegan Belt Collection





Animal suffering and exploitation are minimized to the greatest extent possible in the vegan lifestyle. Vegans could consume less nutrients than meat eaters. They may also choose to avoid animal products to lessen their environmental impact.

chicken ethical beltsThe influence of one good deed might have a domino effect that future generations will inherit. We must take responsibility and do our part by transitioning to veganism.  To live a vegan lifestyle is to live a healthy lifestyle for your body and the environment, particularly in terms of animal welfare. The domain does not require perfection, but it can be helped if one activity, such as promoting animal welfare or lowering pollution, is performed every day.


Humans must be cautious with animals as well in order for them to live properly. It is possible to encourage animal welfare. You may help save animals by purchasing non animal products. It’s never a bad idea to start wearing non cruel belts and living a vegan lifestyle. You won’t feel guilty about wearing comfortably and stylishly.


It is possible to save thousands of animals just by supporting Cruelty Free Belts’. There are many belts to pick from, no matter what style you have. Simply go to the website to look fashionable while protecting animals’ lives. Do your part right now by adding to the cart!


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Why vegan leather should be your first choice instead of real leather?

As a lifestyle, vegans seek to maximize innovative materials while utilizing plants and also promoting animal welfare. In addition to using sustainable materials, vegans also practice environmental responsibility. Those who are vegans avoid eating or consuming foods that harm animals and oppose cruelty to animals in any way. Although vegans are not very numerous, they still make a significant difference for animals, the environment, and their health. A vegan may choose to focus on things other than food, such as fashion, vegan crafting supplies, or wearing a sustainable belt over a real leather belt. To eliminate cruelty from their closets, they might even get rid of genuine leather belts. Furthermore, sustainable belts manufactured from sustainable materials are better than leather ones.

How are ethical belts made?

Calfskin for veggie lovers is commonly produced with polyurethane, specially made for its creators' impulses. Moreover, recycled plastics, plantain leaves, apple peels, and fruit scraps can all be used to make products that compete with animal leather in terms of sustainability and inventiveness. Also, each belt we make is made without cruelty to animals and looks attractive. In addition to being durable, their PETA certification means they are cruelty-free.

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