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Ethical Exercise with the Best Vegan Weight Lifting Belt

vegan weight lifting belt

powerlifter vegan lifting beltWeight lifting belts are a great tool for anyone that lifts – whether you are keen to work on your personal bests at the gym or working towards more professional competitions. The structure and compression of the best vegan belts around the abdomen help to reduce stress and strain while lifting, which in turn reduces the risk of injury.  A durable vegan weight lifting belt with a good fit could be a reliable aid for a long time to come.



Element 26 Self Locking 100% Nylon Vegan Weight lifting BeltChoosing the best vegan belts that you can depend on is so important. It has to have the support and comfort needed in all the right places without readjusting itself or wearing down over time. This is why many keen weightlifters love the best vegan Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt. On top of that great performance, the belt is also vegan for added peace of mind.



Why Choose Vegan Weightlifting Equipment?


vegan weight lifting beltOne of the great things about embracing the vegan lifestyle is that we can bring it into our lives in various ways and at levels we are comfortable with. Sometimes it is all about making little substitutions, where available, to lessen our reliance on animal products. Reducing our use of leather is a great example where we can make a statement one piece at a time.


There is a misconception that you need to have real leather double prong for professional-level gym equipment. That doesn’t have to be the case at all. If you are keen to remove animal products from your wardrobe more generally, why not take this further and look for vegan equipment for weightlifters too.


In this guide, we’re focusing on the best vegan lifting belt because belts are our thing. We want to promote products in various styles where companies make a conscious decision not to use leather. However, we encourage you to look out for vegan lifting belt and gear in other vegan forms too. This includes knee sleeves, wrist bands, weightlifting tape, and anything else you feel you need.


Leather Weightlifting Belts


Guy at Gym using Double Prong Leather Weightlifting BeltYou will find that a lot of weightlifting equipment and lifting belt that are double prong and use real leather. This could be down to a love of the strength of the material and support provided, the classic look of a lifting belt, or a combination of both.


Some weightlifters and professionals in the field with no desire for vegan materials will argue that the strongest and most supportive belts are thick leather ones with traditional buckles. There is the assumption that they will last longer and offer better security. However, this all depends on the designs of some modern nylon weightlifting belts. Some of these can be just as supportive and durable.


Vegan Weightlifting Belts


happy vegan avocado weightlifter showing off his muscles vegan weight lifting beltThere are other materials out there that can offer the same great benefits for users when used properly and crafted into a reliable tool. Some companies may decide to work with faux leather to create a similar feel and look to the product. Others will go for other durable materials that offer better compression and a more modern approach.


Element 26 Company is an example of the latter. Below, you will learn more about their impressive self-locking lifting belt, which is vegan due to its nylon material. From there, we can also look at other products in the Element 26 range to see what else vegans can benefit from. Before that, let’s look at who Element 26 are and why so many weightlifters appreciate its products.


Element 26


Element 26 is a company dedicated to bringing the best gear to athletes and weightlifters to reduce the risk of injuries. The tag line is “destroy your PRs, not your body”, which is perfect. The products sold all have the potential to help users prevent injuries by offering support in places that take the strain from lifting. The designs and materials should mean that you aren’t distracted by anything uncomfortable or holding back when you lift. As a result, you could indeed find yourself lifting more due to increased confidence.


Another nice fact about this company is it was founded by a US Army veteran and Doctor of Physical Therapy. This professional background means an understanding of what goes into the best training equipment and a disciplined regime. Additionally, there are veterans at other high-level positions, so you know you are supporting them in life after the military.


100% Nylon Weightlifting Belt


This self-locking belt from Element 26 uses 100% premium nylon instead of leather. There is the promise here that the durable dense material has the support necessary to help distribute the pressure around your lower back and abdomen. On top of that, it is approved for competitions, so you can wear this at events with no problem.


This shift to 100% nylon is great for those that don’t want to have to compromise their ethics. We shouldn’t haven’t to give in to using leather when training or in competitions just to ensure an advantage. Granted, there are some that worry about the production of synthetics from an environmental standpoint. But a durable item like this should last a lot longer than products from the fast-fashion industry.


The main selling point of this belt is actually the fastening, rather than the material. There are many products around that rely on Velcro and similar methods to adjust the belt for the best fit and keep it in place. However, Velcro isn’t that reliable long-term, especially in major weightlifting competitions. You could find that it comes undone mid-way or that it isn’t quite as tight as it used to be. You really don’t want that playing on your mind when in the middle of an important lift. It also loses its adhesion a lot over time. That isn’t the case with this alternative system.


The quick-release buckle here is different because it ensures that there is an easy way to not only adjust the fit but lock it in place. Just slide the material over the roller to fasten it in place and use the roller to stop it from sliding out of place. Then, you can wear the belt without really thinking about it before releasing the roller at the end of the session.


Again, as we are out here championing vegan belts and weightlifting equipment, we have to highlight the fact that this sort of smart design is perfect for vegan users. This is proof that there is no reason why a belt of this high quality for competitions needs any sort of animal product.


The Element 26 Weightlifting Belt Looks Great


The practical side of this self-locking vegan belt is great on its own. But we should also take a moment to look at the aesthetic side. After all, there is no reason why you can’t look great while beating those personal bests.


Because this is nylon, you can have a wider range of colors than you might find with other companies. There is a nice uniform black that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, or a muted tan or silver-gray if you prefer those subtle looks. Alternatively, there are brighter tones with red, pink, purple, blue, and green. You can find what matches your gear or your mood. Also, this unisex approach with the shape of the belt and color choices shows that this is for anyone that lifts.


On top of all this, you have the choice of whether or not you want the Element 26 logo on the front of the belt. This is a nice touch from a company that could easily have gone all-out for self-promotion. The logo isn’t unattractive, and it isn’t the worst idea to give them some free press at a competition if you like what they offer.


Finally, there are many size options. Again, this is where you see that this belt is for everyone. It goes as small as an XS, which is 23-27″, and up to a 2XL, which is 45-50”. Remember to measure yourself correctly around the navel for the best fit.


Element 26 Self Locking 100% Nylon Vegan Weight lifting Belt Sizing ChartYou can check out the company’s sizing chart to be surer of getting the best option the first time.  For further sizing help please refer to the Element 26 Sizing Video below:


Other Element 26 Weightlifting Equipment

Element 26 Self Locking 100% Nylon Vegan Weightlifting Belt Options


If you like the look of these self-locking vegan lifting belts (even without having double prong like many leather counterparts have) and want to support Element 26 further, you could look into adding other items to your gear. Not only are you repping a company with better values, but you also get to look like a true pro with matching kit.


The Vegan Element 26 Knee Sleeve


Element 26 Weightlifting Support 6mm Knee SleevesA great option here is the Element 26 Vegan Knee Sleeve. What makes this sleeve vegan is that it is made from 100% neoprene, a synthetic polymer. As with nylon, some may not be too keen on neoprene because of other environmental implications. Some surfers are turning to alternative vegan wetsuits for a lower environmental impact. However, you can be sure that no animal was harmed to make this.


The best weightlifting knee sleeves should have enough strength to withstand repeated use and enough compression to prevent injury. At the same time, you don’t want them to be too heavy or restrictive. That is why Element 26 opted for a 6mm material instead of the typical 7mm or 5mm products – something nicely in the middle. This choice means that the sleeves work with that promise of destroying personal records rather than your body. You aren’t going to notice these once they are on, and they could help you gain an advantage for better results.


There is also some nice attention to detail in the construction, with the 25-degree offset and double-stitched seams to prevent damage and bunching during lifts. The contouring should also mean that they slip nicely into place with good coverage over the knee and top of the skin and calf.


At this point, we want to put a warning and a bit of a disclaimer here. There are other products available for weightlifters from Element 26. However, we can’t say for certain that they are 100% vegan. The product descriptions talk about blends of materials without listing a full breakdown. So, while the t-shirt and sweatbands could be fine, we don’t want to mislead you just in case there is something there you should avoid, so when in doubt contact Element 26 by email or chat with Element 26 Company by clicking here.


Should you buy from Element 26?


Absolutely! Just because we might not be able to use everything Element 26 has to offer, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of the suitable items. We know for sure that both the weightlifting belt and the neoprene knee sleeves are safe to use. Furthermore, they are so well-designed and effective that it makes sense to add them to weightlifting gear.


Woman Weightlifter using Element 26 Self Locking 100% Nylon Vegan Weightlifting BeltRemember that despite what some pros say about a traditional double prong leather lifting belt, there are high-end alternatives that allow vegans to compete on the same level. This Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt while it does not offer a double prong could be the ideal product for you.


Here at Cruelty Free Belts we not only provide information for the best vegan weightlifting belts but we also specialize in all other vegan belts.  We also continuously improve to give you only the best vegan belts the market can offer.  Blog posts relating to canvas belts you might find interesting include:Klik Belts Strong Indestructible Vegan Belts are the Best“, “10 Best Vegan Belts for Men and Women in 2022“, and “10 Mens Vegan Belts That Will Make Carnivores Envious.”  If you’re interested in expanding your impact for animals beyond weightlifting then we recommend visiting our other vegan belts product pages: Vegan Leather Belts, Canvas Belts, Cork Belts, and Recycled Material Belts.

Other Vegan Weight Lifting Gear offered by Element 26

Element 26 does offer some non vegan options as we’ve discussed previously, and we won’t go over those because we are after cruelty free options.  Here are the other vegan weight lifting gear options from Element 26:

What is the durability of weightlifting belts made from vegan materials?

In addition to using high-quality durable materials, Element 26 Company also uses a more modern approach and offers better compression. Additionally, they strive to provide athletes and weightlifters with the best gear to minimize injury risks. Further, users can prevent injuries by using the products sold by offering support in places where strain can be taken away from lifting. Lifting should be comfortable and done without distractions caused by uncomfortable materials or designs. The result could be that you can lift more than before due to increased confidence.

What are the advantages of using vegan-made weightlifting belts?

A great feature of taking up the vegan lifestyle is that we can incorporate it in different ways and to the extent, we feel comfortable with. Our reliance on animal products can often be reduced with minor substitutions, when available. The concept that professional-level gym equipment has to have double leather prongs is a misconception. Fortunately, that doesn't need to be the case. Take this a step further by looking for vegan weightlifting equipment if you are keen to rid yourself of animal products more generally.

In what ways can users be assured of the quality of vegan weightlifting belts?

There is no risk associated with using either the weightlifting belt or the neoprene knee sleeves. In addition, weightlifting gear would benefit from the addition of these well-designed, effective tools. The truth is, there are high-end vegan alternatives to traditional double-prong leather lifting belts that are just as effective.

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