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Fire Hose Belts – Recycling old Fire Hoses the right way

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Used fire hoses can definitely be recycled into a fire hose belt (and perhaps other recycled firefighter gear one day as well). When used with care in a recycled firefighter form, they could last up to 20 years of service to you.


There’s one company that’s been in the business of recycling used gear like fire hoses into personal accessories (like a belt) that have the existing sturdiness of fire hoses and also the faded but fashionable properties of used fire hoses which have saved hundreds of lives in their time in the hands of heroic firemen.



Story told by an old Fire Hose


This environment conscious company is Ladder 34 and every decommissioned fire hose that finds its way into its factories are converted into a quality belt of desired length that each tell a story of their own.


The houses and buildings they stopped from burning down. The life-saving water sourced from hydrants that go through their insides and washed away the flames. The martyred firemen that have lost their lives in order to save the lives of the victims of the fires they have fought.


fighting fire fire hose beltsThe material that goes into all Ladder 34 recycled fire hose belts is authentic and definitely unchanged. They are usually faded because of several years of use on the streets and they even bear the words and markings of the fire department that they have served.





Most of these old fire hoses would have been thrown into the garbage pile if Ladder 34 have not thought up the idea of recycling them and converting them into practical and functional belts that you would be proud to wear because of their noble history.


Each of these belts are handmade by expert artisans and are completely 100 percent recycled, with no mix of artificial materials. And they are proudly made in the USA where firemen have been elevated by the populace into modern day heroes.


You get a lifetime guarantee with each purchase of a Ladder 34 belt. And what you bought supports firefighters across the country in whatever way a Ladder 34 belt can.


The Environment thanks those who Recycle


Recycling fire hoses preserves the fragile natural resources of the earth. We don’t want to extract more materials from nature, but instead make use of used fire hoses to produce workable goods like belts which are definitely useful for us. And Ladder 34, when recycling fire hoses, also saves the valuable space that is routinely being used for waste disposal. For the Earth to stay green, Ladder 34 abides by the mantra of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.


Annually, fire departments all over the country throw away thousands upon thousands of whole lengths of tired and weary fire hoses. They can take up to a century to decompose and you could just imagine when they add to the landfills. They will decompose at a very slow rate and that would be bad for the environment.


So, instead of filling up landfills, Ladder 34 have taken up the responsibility of acquiring these simple old fire hoses which were once thought of as trash, not so long ago before this content was written. They thought of ways to make them useful again, and one of them is the creation of a beautiful selection of belts that are as stronger than your leather belts.


Ladder 34 is proud to be part of the universal effort to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling old lengths of fire hoses which would otherwise have been thrown away, and advertising them for sale to customers.


The energy saved from recycling countless fire hoses reduces pollution. A large quantity of energy is saved because the fashionable and sturdy belts avoid the tendency to extract more from natural resources to create more goods, making the phenomenon of global climate change even more unmanageable.




The fire hose belts of Ladder 34 are sustainable luxury which makes you enjoy their comfort and design without being part of the blame why the Earth is going through the disasters of climate change.




About 2 decades ago, there was a young lad who raced down the stairs of his home when he knew that there was a reported fire a few miles down the street, reported from his firefighter father’s Firetruck no. 34.


It was a two-story house with heavy smoke billowing from the second story windows. The boy was proud because his Dad’s Firetruck no. 34 was the first to check the scene.


This lad lived his dream by spending summer afternoons at the fire department by washing trucks, rolling the hoses by hand, and just simply dreaming of the day when he himself is certified to be a firefighter.


The Ladder 34 Belt Vision was born


During those early times, the personal protective equipment of firemen was made in plastic and molded in other chemicals that produced an environment that was even more dangerous than the fires that they were putting out. The sad thing is that the fire hoses are the first line of defense of these heroes when they enter burning structures, protecting them from 1,200-degree hotness as they move towards the core of the fire so to save people and their property.


When the fire hoses are damaged in the line of duty, during those times, they were simply thrown away and replaced.


The Legacy of Ladder 34 Belt Continues


That young lad did enter the firefighting force several months before his father retired after 28 years of service to the force. His appointed number, 34, was carried on by the boy because it also became his official jersey number, much like a sports team.


Ladder 34 Belt Journey Continues


That journey did not stop there. He ventured into business a decade ago using these used fire hoses as his main supplies for making belts for sale. And rightfully, he named the company Ladder 34.


To date, almost 300,000 meters of fire hoses have been used wisely from some of the oldest fire departments in the USA and converted into quality belts which reflect the fading colors of the used fabrics and at most times, even the names of the fire departments that they have sourced from.


Ladder 34 fire hose belts still continue to tell stories up to the present, and well into the future.


The Honorable mention of the Ladder 34 Belt


My father submitted his retirement papers several months before I was hired as a firefighter. In the fire service, every member is assigned a number much like a sports team. It was symbolic and honorable to take on the number that my father had carried for his 28 years of service as I began mine. Number 34.


Own a Piece of lifesaving history with a Ladder 34 Belt


I set out on a business path in an effort to tell the heroic story of fire hose and the countless lives that it has protected. With almost 300,000 feet of fire hose saved from some of the oldest fire companies in America, there are no two sections that resemble one another. All fire hose belts given a new lease on life by Ladder 34 are unique. The fire hose material used in our products for sale is genuine. The faded colors and the worn feel of the of fabric which are woven into our products were earned in their years of service fighting fires on site.


fire hose beltsEvery Ladder 34 fire hose belt product continues to tell the heroic stories of these firefighters who took action up until today, and well into the future. Join the social movement and visit Ladder 34 on Facebook by clicking here.



How good of quality are Ladder 34 Fire Hose Belts?


1. The Forever Belt.

fire hose belts



This belt commemorates the 10 anniversary of Ladder 34. All our experiences in constructing quality fire hose belts that will last a long time all were poured down into this Fire Hose Belt which summarizes all the trials and errors of the company in fabrication until they perfected their belt creation.


The fire hose material that is used in this product was previously in the hands of the Chicago Fire Department wherein they connected fire hydrants to them which are then turned on powerfully to stop the fires from spreading and consuming the property and claiming lives.


When you look at the authentic red rubber, you can imagine their rich history. When made into belts, cotton and polyester strands are woven with tools into the original rubber jacket, then cut to the right size and length, washed, stamped, hand painted and then packaged up by the staff in our headquarters in Michigan. Over 1 million feet of fire hoses are saved from the landfill and find new lives.



recycled fire hose beltsThese authentic black fire hose belts were originally in service for 6 years at the busy Fire Department of New York. Customers say that they look great with any pair of pants or jeans and their durability is second to none. They also bought HOTSHOT FDNY Black fire hose belts with buckle which are on sale now, for their own kids and relatives, and everybody have been wearing them with pride. This is because their hearts grow stout when they know the history behind them.  Click here to see a customer unboxing this Ladder 34 Belt.


3. ATTACK Fire Engine Red

ladder 34 belt


They are sourced from not one but several fire departments. They were decommissioned from service because they have served up the firefighters for several years. The ATTACK Fire Engine Red hose belts with buckle are bright red in color and is perfectly compatible for the daily casual wear of both men and women.


The color of this Ladder 34 belt is original and authentic from when the time they were yet in fire service and their markings link to the fire department where they came from.


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Is it safe to reuse a recycled fire hose?

Even though used fire hoses can't be reused for their original purpose, they can be recycled into fire hose belts. When used properly, they could provide you with 20 years of service in a recycled firefighting form. In this way, you can indeed recycle equipment, such as fire hoses, and turn it into a personal accessory, such as a belt, which still retains the strength of fire hoses as well as the faded but fashionable qualities of used fire hoses that saved many lives during their lifetime.

What can we expect from the recycled belts from Ladder 34?

It was all their experience in creating quality fire hose belts that last a long time that led to the creation of this Fire Hose Belt, which sums up all their trials and errors before perfecting their belt creation. With its bright red color, the ATTACK Fire Engine Red hose belts with buckle are a perfect fit for both men's and women's casual wear. Meanwhile, a HOTSHOT FDNY black fire hose belt was originally in service at the New York Fire Department for 6 years.

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