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Guide to Vegan Subscription Boxes

vegan subscription boxes

vegan subscription boxesVegan subscription boxes are a relatively new craze to hit the food industry – and with good reason. Instead of treats made from dairy, meat, honey etc. we can now get exciting treats made purely from plant-based sources. This is great for everyone! Vegans because it is giving them new options from which to choose (both in texture and taste); vegetarians as they can switch to these instead of dairy products; and even meat-eaters who are looking for alternatives to their usual treats. In this article, we will discuss a guide to best vegan subscription boxes.


Best Vegan Subscription Boxes


Vegan subscription boxes are gaining quite a bit of popularity. The fact is, in order to move from a lifestyle of eating meat and cheese to one that involves consuming products that don’t contain animal byproducts, it’s helpful to have all the supplies you need. Here are some of the best vegan subscription boxes.


Green Chef – Vegan Meal Subscription Box


Green Chef offers a plant-based meal subscription box that delivers everything you need to cook a delicious meal, from fresh vegetables and herbs to pre-portioned, easy-to-use ingredients. All of their meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients in their own kitchen, and each box has between four and six servings. You can choose between two options: basic or family. The basic option costs $10 per serving, which includes all the ingredients for one meal, while the family option costs $13 per serving and includes all the ingredients for two people (with leftovers!).


vegan subscription boxes

Purple Carrot – Vegan Meal Delivery Service with 100% Plant-Based Food


Purple Carrot offers completely plant-based meal delivery services with 100% vegan recipes created by professional chefs. Their meals are made using only whole foods and no animal products whatsoever (including meat substitutes). They source all their produce locally whenever possible and use fair trade chocolate in every recipe! There are three subscription options available: classic ($12 per serving), gluten free ($14 per serving), or gourmet ($16 per serving).



Kinder Beauty Box


The Kinder Beauty Box is a monthly box filled with cruelty-free beauty products. Each box contains 4-5 full-size or deluxe-sized products, plus a piece of jewelry from Kinder’s artisan collection.


Kinder’s mission is to bring you high quality, cruelty-free beauty products that are made in small batches by local artisans. In addition to featuring new brands in each box, Kinder also offers a current list of brands that have been featured in previous boxes so you can see what might be coming your way next time.


vegan subscription boxes

Cuts Vegan Snack Box


Vegan Cuts Snack Box is an assortment of healthy snacks delivered straight to your door every month. Each box includes 3-5 full size items plus 1 surprise item and costs $19 per month (free shipping). There are two snack boxes options available: Classic Snack boxes or Gluten Free Snack boxes. Vegan Cuts has a variety of snacks available including chips and cookies, nuts and nut butters, dried fruit.


vegan subscription boxes

Snack Sack Box


Snacks Sack is a monthly snack subscription service that sends you a box full of healthy snacks from around the world every month! A snack sack contains anywhere from 8-12 different snacks with a wide range of flavors. These snacks are all natural, nutritious (many are gluten free) and delicious! You can also choose between various flavors such as sweet & salty, spicy & zesty or crunchy & nutty! Your first box is just $11 shipped (including tax) plus a one time $3 shipping charge when you register your account! This includes a $10 coupon towards any future purchase on their website if you decide to keep it after your first delivery.


vegan subscription boxes

Petit Vour Beauty Box


The Petit Vour subscription box is filled with cruelty-free beauty products from brands you love. Each box includes 5-6 full-sized products and a snack! The boxes are $15/month and filled with samples that have been handpicked by makeup artists, stylists, and experts in the beauty industry. The Petit Vour Beauty Box is a great way to discover new brands that you might otherwise not have heard of before.


vegan subscription boxes

Goddess Provision


Goddess Provision is a vegan subscription box that has been around since 2012. The company is based in Portland, Oregon, and they offer a wide variety of products from beauty items to food items. Each month, Goddess Provision sends out new vegan products to their subscribers. The company aims to send out at least $100 worth of vegan products every month, so you will always get your money’s worth with this subscription box.


vegan subscription boxes

Snack Sack Box


Snack Sack Box is another monthly subscription box for vegans that includes snacks and goodies for your whole family! The Snack Sack Box features a different theme each month such as “Dance Party” or “Summertime Fun” so you can expect an assortment of treats that fit the theme each time you open your mail box! This box offers a great value because it costs less than $20 per month and includes 5+ full-size items each time. These snacks are not just limited to chips or cookies either – they include everything from granola bars to chocolate bars.


vegan subscription boxes

Sips By


The Sips By subscription box is a monthly subscription for wine lovers. Each month, you receive a selection of wines from around the world that have been hand-picked by the Sips By team. Each bottle is paired with an item in your box, like a cheese or cracker, to pair with your wine.


This box is $40 per month and includes two bottles of wine and one food pairing item. You can opt to receive red or white wines in your monthly boxes, too.


vegan subscription boxes

House Plant Box


The House Plant Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you house plants each month based on the season. The company sources plants from its own nursery and farms as well as local nurseries around the country to ensure that you get the best quality plants possible each month.

You’ll receive one plant per month, which comes in either a 4-inch pot or a 5-inch pot depending on how big it is when it arrives at your doorstep. The plants are guaranteed to be alive when they arrive at your home, so if anything happens during shipping you don’t have to worry about returning them.


vegan subscription boxes

Benefits of Subscription Boxes

Finding the right box can be a challenge. But if you’re looking for a better way to live and enjoy luxuries, Décor My Home may be your solution. Success in anything is often found on repeat business and referrals. The way you get this is by creating value for your customers, which is always a great way to start your business. Here are some benefit of subscription.




This is the number one benefit of subscription boxes. You can receive a box of goodies in the mail, once or twice a month, without having to worry about picking out items or even leaving your house. The boxes are curated by experts who know what they’re doing, so you can be sure that everything inside will be useful or just plain fun.


Cost Effectiveness


Subscription boxes really do save money over buying individual items. For example, a monthly book club subscription can cost less than buying one book at a time. In addition to saving you money, subscription boxes also give you access to products you would otherwise not have been able to afford or find easily. If you like reading ebooks but don’t have an e-reader yet, for example, a monthly ebook subscription box could be just what you need.


Product Research


Subscription boxes are a great way to discover new products and brands. You get the opportunity to try products that might not be available in stores or that are new to your area. Plus, you can find out which items are worth purchasing on your own time.


New Experiences


Subscription boxes also offer an opportunity to experience something new each month without leaving your house or spending money on tickets or travel expenses. Some subscription boxes include experiences that aren’t available anywhere else (like a yoga class at home or a cooking lesson). And some just give you the chance to try something new and different for once (like a spa treatment), which can be fun for you and whoever you share it with.


Social Connection


Subscription boxes are a great way to connect socially with others. I have several friends who have been able to make close friends through subscription boxes. Some of my favorite boxes offer the ability to connect with other subscribers and share photos and stories on the box’s Instagram or Facebook pages. This is great for getting ideas on what products to buy next time you’re shopping and also allows you to chat with like-minded individuals about the products in your box.


Surprise and Discovery


When you sign up for a subscription box, you never know what you’re going to get! You may get a product that is completely foreign to you but that ends up being something that suits your needs perfectly. Or maybe it will be something that looks like nothing special at first glance, only to end up being one of your favorite things ever! Also, some subscription boxes offer exclusive items that aren’t available elsewhere so you can discover new brands that might not be in stores yet.


Factors to Consider When Buying Vegan Subscription Boxes

Vegan subscription boxes are an innovative way of offering convenience while supporting a vegan lifestyle. However, not all of them are worth the money; it’s important to weigh the pros against cons before making your final decision on which one is best for you. Here are some factors to consider when buying Vegan subscription boxes.


The Cost


The cost is one of the first things that people look at when evaluating a product or service. With vegan subscription boxes, the cost varies widely depending on what is included in the box and how often you receive them. Some companies charge monthly while others charge quarterly or yearly fees depending on how much they offer in their boxes each time they ship them out.


Items You Will Get


There are many different types of items that can be found in vegan subscription boxes from clothing to food items and everything in between. You should take some time to decide what type of items you would like to receive before making your decision so that you know what each company offers before subscribing to their services or purchasing their products directly from their website or other online resources where they sell their products through eCommerce sites like Amazon or eBay.




Vegan subscription boxes are a great way to discover new products and try something new without having to go out and buy it yourself. Some vegan subscription boxes offer a variety of different products, while others focus on one or two specific products. If you’re looking for variety in your subscription box, then make sure you choose one that has a variety of items in it.




Another thing that’s important when choosing a vegan subscription box is customization options. You may want to receive more than one box per month or less than one box per month; some people only want certain types of food or snacks in their boxes; and some people just simply don’t like surprises! Make sure the subscription service you choose offers customization options so you can get exactly what you want every time you order.


The Company’s Values


One of the most important things to look for when buying vegan subscription boxes is a company that shares your values. If you are looking for a cruelty-free subscription box, make sure that the company does not test on animals or use animal products in any way. If you want to support sustainable products and practices, make sure that the company uses recyclable packaging and only sources from companies that are committed to environmental sustainability.


Shipping Coverage


When you subscribe to a vegan subscription box, it will be delivered right to your door! This means that you need to understand what territories they ship to and if they offer international shipping rates before signing up for one of their boxes. Some companies will charge extra for international shipping while others don’t offer it at all – so it depends on which company you choose.


Wrapping Up


It’s important when determining which subscription box is right for you to take into account the items they provide, the value of those items, and how often you receive them. By exploring our current listings, comparing available information, and finding a vegan box that suits your needs and preferences, you will be sure to enjoy your subscription over time. And with so many options available today, it’s easier than ever before to find something right for you.


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  1. Are Vegan Subscription Boxes worth it?

Vegan subscription boxes are worth it for those who don’t have time to cook but enjoy variety in their diets. Comparing the cost of shopping for vegan ingredients and preparing them, the price for the subscription boxes plans wins out.


2. How much do Vegan Subscription Boxes cost?


Costs will depend on the plan that you choose. Vegan subscription box subscribers will pay a bit more than conventional meal plans ranging from $9 to $11.50 per meal, because of the cost of sourcing organic and vegan food ingredients.


3. What Do You Get in a Vegan Subscription Box?


You will receive anything from skincare, vegan snacks to a full meal with a dessert.


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