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High Quality Vegan Belts and Shoes by Wills Vegan Store

Wills Vegan Store vegan belts and shoes

Isn’t it nice when you find a fashion company with vegan directly in the name? We can’t deny that some amazing brands offer a range of vegan shoes and other vegan product offerings, but sometimes we end up diving deep into the small print to check they are truly vegan and what they are made from. Will’s Vegan Store is a vegan store for vegans that offers vegan belts and vegan shoes, vegan boots, vegan sneakers, vegan sandals, vegan wallets, vegan labtop bags, vegan backpacks, and more vegan accessories. So, what can you get from this brand, and what makes them such a good choice for vegan consumers?


In this guide, you will find a selection of hand-picked favorites from the company in vegan belts and shoes for both men and women. We’re not going to lie here, there could have been many others that made the grade, and we encourage you to go check out the full range. This is just a little taster of what to expect.


Before all that, let’s take a moment to learn more about Will’s Vegan Store. What materials do they use, and what else should we know about this ethical company?


Who Is Will’s Vegan Store?


Wills Vegan Store has been a part of the vegan fashion world since 2013. At this point, the focus was solely on vegan shoes, but they soon expanded into selling accessories in 2015. Even though it began as an ethical and vegan company, the owners still wanted to push themselves and make more positive changes for a better product and customer experience.


Over time, the packaging became plastic-free, the vegan leather gained bio-based content, and there were more recycled materials. The pinnacle of this was their first fully biodegradable vegan shoes in 2020. They also opened a warehouse in the Netherlands to improve the carbon footprint of shipping to European customers.


One of the many endearing things about this brand is its inclusivity. There is no attempt to look down on those that aren’t 100% vegan in their lifestyle and choices. Instead, they choose to promote the idea of smaller positive changes to help everyone wear something that makes a cruelty free difference. All of the products have vegan materials, such as faux leather and all the glues are completely safe and cruelty free.


What Does Will’s Vegan Store Sell, And How Accessible Are They?


In this guide, we are focused on the vegan belts and shoes, specifically the leather and suede ones. But there are also training shoes, other vegan leather accessories, and many more cruelty free products to explore.


Another brilliant thing about shopping here is that have some great options at the online store and for shipping preferences. In addition to domestic transactions, there are specific options for Global, Europe, UK, and Germany shipping. This also allows you to change the currency in the store. An interesting benefit of the shipping is the promise of carbon-neutral shipping for $4. The great news for those in the UK is that you can get products shipped for a low cost and still enjoy this carbon-neutral delivery, showing there is no bias towards the American market. Also, there is the same year-long period for returns and exchanges and no extra duties.


On top of all this, there are reasons to stick around as a customer of Will’s Vegan Store. The Wishlist is a great tool for keeping track of the items you love the look of so you can go straight back to them on payday. There are also gift cards to give to other vegan friends you know would love the brand. The question is, would any of the following vegan belts and shoes make it onto your own personal Wishlist?


Will’s Vegan Store Shoe Collection


Let’s start with the shoes. Finding a good pair of vegan shoes can be tricky because we want to be sure it is made cruelty free and there are no animal skins, fur linings, fleeces, or any by-products in the adhesives or treatments. At Will’s Vegan Store, they have made a deliberate effort to create a line that is 100% vegan with some great cruelty free designs in different styles.


Here are 3 of the best in the men’s collection and 3 in the women’s collection. The men’s showcase some of the smarter work shoes and something for the weekend. With the women’s we wanted to cover a wide range again, with something smart and feminine, something more casual, and something that is more unisex and fun.


The Best Men’s Vegan Shoes


1) Vegan Men’s City Monks 


Wills Vegan Store Men's City Monks Shoes

One thing that you will notice when browsing the best vegan shoes from Will’s Vegan Store is the great craftsmanship and attention to detail. This is clear in the construction of these City Monks with their carefully stitched panels of faux leather and the statement buckles on the side. The leather is a rich chestnut brown, and the metallic buckle matches the printing on the insole, although you can also get this in black. They are a beautiful shape and are sure to turn heads.


2) Vegan Men’s City Oxfords


Wills Vegan Store City Oxfords Mens Vegan Belts and Shoes


If those city shoes are a bit too much of a statement, maybe this cleaner design will be more to your liking. The City Oxfords have a smooth upper in shiny faux leather that again looks just like the real thing. This is complemented by a simple lace-up closure, a short heal, and a pale insole. The black is perhaps the most appealing as a classic design for any professional occasion, but there is a dark brown too. There isn’t too much to say other than that all the materials are ethically sourced in line with the values above. But that simplicity adds to the charm.


3) Vegan Men’s Deck Shoes


Wills Vegan Store Mens Deck Shoes Vegan Belts and Shoes


Finally, for the men’s shoes, we have something more casual. We aren’t saying that everyone reading these plans to head out on their boat on the weekend, but you can at least look like you might be able to afford one wearing these. These deck shoes are great for weekend get-togethers, and the fun blue suede vegan materials is a nice contrast to the smart leather of those work shoes. You also get the nice details of the contrasting stitching and leather tie.


The Best Women’s Vegan Shoes


1) Vegan Women’s Point Toe Flats


Wills Vegan Store Womens Point Toe Flats vegan belts and shoes

If you want something smart and feminine, you can’t go too wrong with something like this Point Toe Flat Shoe. The point is as pointy as it gets, with a very narrow taper down the toes. This section is also very open, with a lot of space between the toe covering and support at the back. From there, you just have the 1cm heel and adjustable strap to finish this off. It is a classic look in black only. That dark faux leather is bio-based, and you also get recycled rubber in the cushioned insoles.


2) Vegan Women’s Flatform Slip-ons


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Womens Flatform Slip-ons Vegan Belts and Shoes


If you want something more comfortable and casual, why not go for this sporty-looking Flatform Slip-on shoes. The thick sole looks more substantial than it is because of the contrasting color of white against the black faux leather. The comfort here comes from the easy slip-on design with the elasticated panels and padding around the ankle. There is a lace-up version of this available too if that would be more suitable. You can slip those on for running errands on a day off knowing that you have a fully vegan shoe with recycled vegan materials and that it will keep you dry if it rains.


3) Vegan Women’s Oxford Brogues


Wills Vegan Store Womens Oxford Brogues Shoes Vegan Belts and Shoes


Last up for the women’s shoes, we have these Oxford Brogues. There is a nice blend of the masculine and feminine here with the slight 2.5cm heel and pointed toe alongside the tan material and cut. The detailing with perforated vegan materials, matching tan laces, and the paler insole are great, and you wouldn’t know they were vegan on first impressions. If you aren’t keen on the tan, you can also get this in black, dark brown, or navy blue. There is 69% bio-based content in the vegan leather, and you also get a nice vegan suede on the interior for added comfort.


Will’s Vegan Store Belt Collection


Next up, we have the belts. Again, we want to be sure that any manufacturer takes the time to craft something worthy of your vegan fashion wants while also being practical and attractive. This can lead to some interesting alternative designs, as well as substitutes that could fool friends and family. As with the shoes, we’ve picked 3 of the best from the men’s collection and 3 from the women.


The Best Men’s Vegan Belts


1) Vegan Men’s Classic 3cm Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Mens Classic 3cm Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes


Let’s start with a classic, literally. This classic belt is a slim 3cm option with a clean black leather band and a broad square buckle in polished silver. It will work brilliantly with work attire as something practical and understated due to those simple lines and the width. As with most belts on offer, there are many sizes to choose from, and you are assured of high-quality Italian vegan leather with a high content of bio-based material. This one also comes in a wide variety of colors, with light tan, tan, chestnut, and dark brown on offer.


2) Vegan Men’s Continental 3.5cm Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Mens Continental 3.5cm Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes

If you want something a little more fun, you could go for this Continental vegan fashion design. Here you have the fun of a soft vegan suede rather than the faux leather of most of the other belts. The dark blue is beautiful and matches that of the suede deck shoes above. There are also black and brown options. The belt comes in various sizes but has a medium width for everyday use. It is finished nicely with the stitching and the polished silver square buckle.


3) Vegan Men’s 3.5cm Woven Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Mens 3.5cm Woven Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes


Finally, for the men, there is this interesting design with the woven fabric. This could work as either a casual or smart belt, depending on the outfit and situation. The black is the smartest but the dark blue and dark brown look great too. The 3.5cm width makes it suitable with most jeans. The main stretch of the fabric is the woven elasticated plant-based fabric, and there are hand-stitched vegan leather elements around the ends and buckle. That metal buckle is bold but doesn’t detract from the rest of the design.


The Best Women’s Vegan Belts from Wills Vegan Store


1) Vegan Women’s 4cm Circle Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Womens 4cm Circle Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes


This first option is the statement piece of the collection. Be prepared for the size here, as a 4cm belt is bigger than normal for women. But it will stand out and look great. The big round buckle just accentuates the dimension and is polished gold for added wow-factor. As with the shoes, many people will be fooled and assume this is real leather because of the quality of the deep black material and padding. But it is 69% bio-based and 100% vegan.


2) Vegan Women’s 3cm D-ring Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Womens 3cm D-Ring Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes

If you want something thinner and better suited to everyday use, such as for work., this leather belt with the D-ring style buckle could be more your thing. This one is just 3cm for use with narrower belt loops, and the buckle is more muted with the silver effect. Still, the quality of the materials is the same, and you get some great stitching throughout the vegan leather. This one could become a staple of your wardrobe very quickly.


3) Vegan Women’s Tencel and Metal Clip Belt


Wills Vegan Store Vegan Womens 4cm Tencel and Metal Clip Belt Vegan Belts and Shoes


Finally, for the women’s belts, we wanted to mention this alternative option. This is available in both men’s and women’s collections. But, due to the wider range of men’s belts, we decided to place it here. This 4cm belt is a plastic-free alternative to leather that is more for the adventurous outdoors type. Something to hold your jeans up more than looking good. It is adjustable, strong, and has a nice nickel buckle that clicks into place. If the black is too stark, you can get it in brown too. There are also various sizes as needed.


Vegan Shoes and Belts for All Tastes at Will’s Vegan Store


Hopefully, this introduction to these top vegan belts and shoes shows the range and quality of vegan fashion products offered at Wills Vegan Store. You can find some high-end vegan shoes made with vegan materials. Check them out, and don’t forget about that Wishlist if you really like what you see.


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What are the advantages of wearing vegan-made shoes and belts now?

Plastic has been removed from the packaging, vegan leather has been given a bio-based additive, more recycled materials are being used, and improvements are being made to make the product and the customer experience better. The inclusive nature of Will's vegan store is one of its many attractive features. Also, a judgment of any kind is not made towards people whose lifestyle and choices aren't 100% vegan. Instead of promoting bigger changes, they promote small positive changes to assist everyone in making a difference through clothing. Almost all of the products feature vegan materials, such as faux leather, and cruelty-free glues are used throughout.

What makes Will's vegan store a recommendation for shoes?

Having difficulty finding vegan shoes can be frustrating since we want to make sure the adhesives or treatments are not made with animal skins, fur linings, or fleeces, and there are no animal by-products in them. Designed with different styles and textures of cruelty-free clothing at Will's Vegan Store, the line is 100% vegan and contains some great vegan designs.

What makes Will's vegan store a good belt recommendation?

Concerning belts, they want to make sure that any manufacturer constructs something that is both practical and attractive while still fitting into your vegan fashion wants. Further, you can come up with some attractive alternatives as well as imitations that you can use to fool your family and friends.

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