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Klik Belts Strong Indestructible Vegan Belts are the Best

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Good vegan belts are a must for any wardrobe and should be much more than just a cheap fashion item or a novelty alternative to leather. You can get some interesting products these days as companies work hard to build product lines with practical solutions and cruelty free materials. animal rights vegan belts


Klik Belts is a favorite among vegans looking for something a little more rugged and unisex than typical faux leather belts. So, what makes this Klik Belts vegan belts brand so special?  I’m glad you asked and we’ll cover that below.


What are Klik Belts?


Klik Belts womens vegan beltsKlik Belts has been on the scene for almost a decade now, having launched in 2014. They make all their vegan belts in Austin, Texas, in case you are specifically looking for a USA-made product. The company’s main aim was to create something that would be both visually appealing when worn but also strong enough to be practical for a long time.


Their brand story talks about a desire to make something for a wide range of applications. While we may not be so keen on the fishing and hunting aspect as vegans, we can appreciate the idea that this is a rugged option for those that love the great outdoors for many pastimes. We should be able to go out hiking and climbing with this on and not worry about it, or even notice it. There is also talk of this being an investment, which reinforces the idea of this being a long-lasting product to rely on.


Before we look at some of the different vegan belts options available, let’s learn more about these belts. What makes them vegan belts and why are they so popular with hikers, climbers, and more?


What Makes Klik Belts Vegan?


The best vegan belts are those that look to alternative materials to provide the comfort and practical support needed. While many companies do great work with faux leather, this can sometimes be a little stiff or too formal for everyone.


Nylon webbing is a much better material for practical and more casual applications where you need something comfortable and durable like a vegan belt. A good quality webbing should be flexible while remaining strong and hard-wearing. You should also be able to find enough color choices with the dyes available.


As Klik Belts use plant-based materials for their vegan belts and no sign of any animal by-products in the manufacture, they are a top vegan belt brand and one to seek out.


Klik Vegan Belts Aren’t Just Popular for Being Plant-Based


Creating vegan belts as an alternative to leather and other questionable materials is just the start. A good manufacturer with their consumers’ needs in mind also needs to create something practical that buyers can wear for a long time and continue to love.


That is precisely what Klik Belts has achieved with its range of vegan belt products. There are two main elements to these belts that ensure they are well-loved and suitable for many needs. They are the canvas belt material and the strong Cobra buckle.  Did you know that you can also purchase the cobra buckle on Amazon without the vegan belt too?  The 1.5″ Cobra Buckle is available on Amazon by clicking here, and the 2.25″ Cobra Buckle is available on Amazon by clicking here.


The Nylon Canvas Klik Belt


klik belts boating vegan beltsThe vegan belt is a pretty simple-looking strip of material made from mil-spec nylon webbing. There is a uniform approach here with a plain band in different colors. The appeal comes from the strength of that webbing and the flexibility where it can adapt to the wearer. This means that even if you get a little bloated during the day or eat a heavy meal, you aren’t feeling the strain and having to adjust the vegan belt to a different hole on the material.


This is because there are no holes, which means no designated fastening points at limited intervals along the vegan belt. This is great for those that can never seem to find the sweet spot and those that are perhaps losing weight and would need to make new holes in their standard vegan belt.


The Cobra Buckle Clasp


The reason that there are no holes in the vegan belt is that there is an unusual clasp that clips together at the front. This clasp is great because it provides a secure closure by bringing the belt together in the middle of the waist. There are no fiddly buckles and loops to deal with and it will stay in place without the need for adjustments all day.


cobra buckle 1.75 D Ring klik belts vegan beltsThe other great thing about this Cobra Buckle is its strength. You can put this under a lot of pressure and find there is no risk of it breaking or bending under the strain. There is even the promise that you should be able to pull a car to safety with one of those as a tow rope. Whether that is worth testing out or not is down to you.


The buckle is made from a lightweight aluminum alloy so it won’t weigh you down, but you will get the durability needed from the metal. There are also solid brass release clips for extra longevity and dependability.


Klik Vegan Belts: As Seen in Movie Theatres


Finally, we have to take a moment to appreciate the claim to fame of the Klik Belt. If you look closely at some of the costumes in Black Panther, you will see these strong straps and unmistakable Cobra claps allowing for a secure fit on garments made for battle. If it’s good enough for Marvel, it’s probably good enough for hiking.

5 Of the Best Indestructible Vegan Belts by Klik Belts


We have five brilliant examples of Klik Belts available to purchase and you can learn a little more about each option below. On our site, you will notice that there are listings for women’s and men’s belts, but this is purely to help you find what you are looking for. These belts are, in fact, unisex in their application and style. Therefore, absolutely anyone can wear them whether you identify as male, female, non-binary, or any other gender. We can all look great in these products and enjoy the benefits.


1) The Original Klik Belt

This first option is the classic belt that all kinds of wearers can appreciate. For a start, you have the nylon webbing material in a nice 1.5-inch width. This means it is great for all kinds of pants and jeans to suit different needs. This version is just 1-ply, so if you want something a little stronger you need to look at the options below.


The other essential feature here is the strong aluminum clasp with the quick release mechanism. This may be the “standard” model, but you can still get all the benefits mentioned above. You can also have a few versions in your wardrobe as there are multiple color combinations with different bands and buckles.


2) Klik Belts 2-Ply Tactical Canvas Belt

This is where we get into tougher territory with a belt designed to be suitable for tactical work and low enforcement. You get the protection and durability from the tough aluminum clasp with the brass clips, but this time there is a stronger 2-ply webbing for double the longevity of the classic model. This is where you can start to use the belt in a wider range of applications without worrying about the material wearing down with repeated use.


While this belt is a more rugged option, potentially for professional use, it is still at the optimal width for use with jeans and other pants. You can also still pick from different colour combinations to find what suits you best.


3) Klik Belts 3-Ply Tactical Canvas Belt

There is a lot of strength to the 2-ply model where it should be more than suitable for outdoor pursuits and professional use. However, there is another tactical belt that you might find to be an even better option in those professional situations. This version has the same easy-to-use clasp and uses tough nylon, but this time it is 3-ply for even fewer concerns about its lifespan. The webbing is also triple stitched for added security.


The only potential downsides here are that it is a little wider at 1.75 inches and there are fewer color combinations. It might not work with all jeans, but it will hold up tactical pants with ease.


4) Klik Belts 2-Ply Tactical Riggers Belt

Next, we have something a little bit different. The basic structure and features of this belt are as you would find with the 2-ply tactical belt above. You have the same strong webbing and reliable Cobra clip in place to ensure that your belt never comes undone or needs adjusting in any way. Like the other 2-ply belt, this one is also 1.5 inches wide for use with a wider wardrobe. But there are limited color choices if you want this version.


What makes this model special, however, is the addition of the strong metal D ring on the clip. This thick ring is perfect for carabiner clips, which is why this is classed as a rigger’s belt. If you know you will want to clip things to belt loops or additional accessories while you work, getting a D-ring Klik belt like this could be a much better solution.


5) Klik Belts 3-Ply Tactical Riggers Belt

Finally, we have this product, which is the more heavy-duty version of the riggers belt above. As with the tactical belts, there is a switch from 2-ply to 3-ply for something a little stronger and more durable. This means that this version may be better for those that need a rigger’s belt for day-to-day professional use while the 2-ply model is a little more casual.


Again, be aware that the extra width on these heavy-duty Klik belts may make them incompatible with some pants and jeans.


You Can Get More Than Just Vegan Belts From Klik Belts.


One of the other great things about the Klik brand is that the designers have been able to take this strong design of their Cobra buckle and apply it to other applications. This means that you can find practical tools with the same great strength in the closure. There are rifle slings and utility straps, but the most interesting option for all animal lovers that love vegan belts is the range of dog collars, harnesses, and leashes available at Klik Belts website.


This Cobra buckle clip works really well in this situation because you have the same strong closure on the collar and the flexibility in the material to provide a snug and comfortable fit on the dog’s neck. It isn’t so likely to get caught on branches and undergrowth and you don’t have the same hassle of figuring out which hole in the strap you need to use as the dog gets older. The connection of the clasp is also perfect for harnesses where you need to be sure that you can attach the product in as little time as possible to reduce stress. It should go on with ease and stay there until the walk is over.


There are also accessories that you can get from Klik Belts that can help enhance the belt that you have. This includes spare buckles and new straps, hidden money pockets that clip to the belt, and keychains.


The spare buckles aren’t a bad idea because there is always the possibility that something will happen to this one if you push it to its limits. For example, you might decide to test out the theory that the clasp is strong enough to pull a broken-down car. It might, but don’t get too mad at Klik if you push your luck and something bends or breaks. As for the alternative straps for the belt, this is a nice way to switch up the look of the belt, so you have different colors for different situations.


Find The Best Style Klik Vegan Belts to Suit You


So, whether you want something classic for general wear, a more heavy-duty 3-ply tactical belt, or a riggers belt with a secure D-ring, Klik Belts have you covered. You can be sure of quality items that will last for years and keep everything in place without the need for adjustment. They are a winner for many applications, regardless of gender, and the vegan materials are a great bonus.


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Why does Klik Belts stand out from other vegan belt brands?

Using only plant-based materials, Klik Belts makes vegan belts without the use of animal by-products. Among the top vegan belt brands, they should be sought out. In addition to being visually appealing, the company wanted to create something that would last for a very long time but also be strong enough to remain useful. Throughout their brand story, they talk about making products that can be used for a variety of purposes. Although vegans dislike the fishing and hunting aspects of this product, we can appreciate the idea that it provides a rugged option for those who love the great outdoors. Additionally, it is mentioned as an investment, which supports the idea that this will last a long time.

How can Klik belts be used to their full potential?

In addition to creating a product that consumers can use for a long time, Klik belts have always kept the needs of consumers in mind. Furthermore, two major elements were incorporated to make these belts loved and useful for a variety of purposes. These tools are made from canvas and cobras buckle, so they provide a practical tool with great strength.

What are your options for finding the best vegan belt?

Klik belts’ versatile line of products includes riggers belts with a D-ring, heavy-duty 3-ply tactical belts, and classic belts for general wear. There is no need to adjust anything since the items are made with quality materials that last a long time and keep everything in place without the need for constant adjustment. Regardless of gender, they are a great choice for many applications, and their vegan materials are a bonus.

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