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Non Leather Belt – The Cruelty Free Difference it Makes

cruelty free non leather belt

The Environment


It is not new to us that leather is from dead animal skin. Oftentimes, it is made of calfskin, but some may also use skins from ostriches, sheep, pigs, and other animals. cow non leather belt


Killing and sourcing materials from these animals are unethical practices that lead to unfavorable biodiversity damages.






Manufacturing and the Environment


The process of manufacturing leather belts and other leather products brings a significant impact on the environment affecting water systems. liquid waste non leather beltIn fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has noted that factory farms are responsible for 70% of water pollution in the U.S. alone.



Ethical Fashion and the Environment


Some fashion brands avoid raising animals for their skin to avoid cruelty by using apple leather and faux leather belts. However, on Earth, raising more animals means consuming more food, water, and other resources and occupying more pastureland. These animal farms don’t just use much energy, they also contribute to giving off harmful greenhouse gases. Learn more about the environmental impacts of faux leather, vegan leather or apple leather vs animal leather by listening to this video:

Search and Shop 


Vegan leather belts are essentially better than leather belts as they are faux leather belts. They are made of ethically sourced vegan materials like microfiber things and other sustainable materials like cork belts, canvas belts, vegan leather belts, and recycled plastic belts.  Leather belts are made cruelly from animal skins.  There are many more faux leather or vegan leather belts of various styles on the market just not as good as Cruelty-Free Belts’.


However, like most fashion items you search for, the quality and standards vary by brand, and the same holds true for vegan leather belts. Not all vegan belts or faux leather belts are made with the same vegan materials as vegan leather belts or apple leather belts (like cork belts) and ethics, but they are much better than standard leather belts. Hence, before purchasing faux leather, vegan belts, truth belts, or any vegan items, always research and get yourself informed. 


Men’s Vegan Fashion


Vegan belts are one of the most important fashion items for men. Aside from securing and holding up the pants, a vegan belt also helps accentuate the waist, and often do not cost much. While these features may sound mundane, the reality is a vegan belt can help make or break every man’s outfit.


Different Belts 


Different types of vegan belts or vegan leather belts are also required for different occasions such as formal. casual, and business. While this may be confusing for many, don’t worry because I got your back, so you no longer have to focus on buying faux leather belts or truth belts. I have selected the best ethically sourced truth belts or vegan belts below.




Vegan leather belts, faux leather belts, or truth belts are versatile fashion items that can be used for many occasions; however, they are commonly used for dress and formal wear.  At Cruelty-Free Belts’ we offer really cool Corkor cork belts too – check them out now.


Vegan belts or vegan leather belts for the dress and formal wear often have a relatively thin width of 1 to 1.5 inches while leather belts are often wider. Black and brown are often go-to formal vegan belts colors and their buckles are also smaller compared to some leather belts with various styles.


Formal Men’s Belts


For a man who is looking to upgrade their formal look with vegan belts, I especially recommend the Professional 2 – Polished Chrome Belt

Doshi Professional 2 Polished Chrome Vegan Belts

This vegan belt is better than any leather belts you can buy and has a modern appeal and goes well with any suit or wear. The polished chrome buckle is simple yet striking. The belt strap is made of durable microfiber materials and is suitable for up to size 34 which comes in various styles.


Vegan belts with brushed nickel buckles are also smart choices for men as the nickel material is corrosion-resistant and exceptionally durable.


For a faux leather belt with a nickel buckle, I recommend the Professional 2 Brushed Nickel Belt.

Doshi Professional 2 Brushed Nickel Vegan Belt

These vegan belts combine durable microfiber with a polished nickel buckle. Its strap is made of high-quality materials that will not just last but also give off that luxurious appeal. 


For extra formal wear, I recommend a vegan belt: Doshi Professional 1 Crossgrain Belt.


Doshi Professional 1 Crossgrain Belt vegan belts

These vegan belts feature a minimalist and modern-designed metal buckle and durable microfiber strap. If you are allergic to nickel, you can also order its nickel-free version. It is also relatively thin with a 1 1/4″ width making it perfect for formal wear.  Get this great belt and leave your leather belts behind.


If you are looking for a belt that can be used in both formal and semi-formal wear, the Doshi Polished Black Chrome Belt is the perfect choice for you.


Doshi Polished Black Chrome Belt

It has a 1 3/8″ width making it apt for many formal and semi-formal events. It also has a black chrome buckle that is simply stylish.


All the vegan belts mentioned above are PETA-approved vegan leather and vegan belts so you are assured that they are made without harming any animals, which should make you glad.


Vegan materials


The wider the belt, the more casual it is. Generally, a typical vegan belt has a width above 1.5″ are considered best for casual. For colors, you can opt for any colors you desire but the most versatile casual vegan belts colors are brown, black, and grey.


Casual belts


For casual wear, my top men selection would be the Metallic Black Square 2 Belt that comes in two color variations of black and brown.

Doshi Metallic Black Square 2 Vegan Belts

Its width of 1.5″ makes it perfect for casual wear and some semi-formal occasions. The buckle’s design is more minimalistic and crafted with clean lines. It features a metallic black buckle paired with high-quality vegan belts that create a luxurious feel.


The Auto Doshi Belt is another great selection for casual vegan belts.


doshi auto belt vegan belts


This buckle belt is crafted with long-lasting vegan materials. It combines a modern-looking microfiber strap with an adjustable, automatic buckle. The width is 1 3/8″ making it appropriate for formal wear too.


Choosing the right vegan belts for business wear is essential. Depending on the color of your suit, black or brown vegan belts are your best bet. Colored or white belts are not recommended for business or formal wear.


Fake Belt


For a good fake belt for business that is also a vegan belt made with faux leather, I recommend the Doshi Auto 1 Belt.

doshi auto 1 vegan leather belt

These vegan belts have a subtle design and no holes. It features a track that not only adds up to the fashion appeal of this belt but also offers much adjustment capacity. The silver buckle is nickel-free, and the strap is highly dependable. It can also be used in casual wear. The strap is PETA-approved as well.


The Polished Gunmetal Belt makes another good vegan leather belts option for business.

doshi gunmetal mens vegan belts

It has a simple yet classic design. It features a. 1.5″ width, so you can also use this for after-business occasions. These faux leather belts also gained PETA approval.


Men’s Slide Belts


Ratchet vegan leather belts can also be used for business. If you are a fan of ratchet belt and vegan belt you will be delighted to use the SlideBelts’ Men’s Ratchet Belt.

This belt is crafted with high-quality vegan leather and features a distinctive buckle. It also doesn’t have holes so you can adjust accordingly to your size.


Men may buy a vegan belt more for their functionality, women see them as fashion statements. Women’s vegan belts or faux leather belts look and feel good.


If you are looking for durable, cruelty-free, and fashionable women’s vegan belts or truth belts.  I’ve already selected the best options for women. 


Women’s Vegan Belts


Doshi Square Reversible Womens Vegan Belts

Sell your friends on these versatile fashion belts like the Doshi Square Reversible Belt are now widely available. This belt features a different color on each side allowing the user to change the belt’s color to brown belt or black belt according to their mood or outfit.


It has a 1″ width allowing you to pair it with a dress to help accentuate your waist subtly. It comes in a variety of color combinations, namely Black and Camel, Light Caramel and Blue, Bright Red and White, Oxlove and Light Grey, and Pink and Brown.


Buy a Women’s Vegan Belt


Any woman would love a classy piece in their fashion collections to feel good in their search for a classy belt.  They will also feel good to join the vegan movement, buying vegan fashion items.


Doshi Women’s Belts


doshi vegan belts

Order the Doshi Women’s Gold Ring Belt is an excellent selection for a simple yet classy and durable vegan belt you are sure to love. This belt features a solid gold-colored ring buckle that is paired with a wide strap. It has a 1.5″ width and is in fact highly suitable for jeans. It is also relatively thick making it durable and long-lasting.  Pick out, buy, and send your loved one this vegan belt today!


Four different variations namely Black, Brown, Red, and White.


More often than not, we do not realize how the fit of the belt can influence others to choose vegan products. While most belts are already purchased with holes that may not fit all sizes, there are still other belt types like the ratchet belt that let you adjust the strap accordingly to your size.


Women’s Slide Belts

If you are looking for a ratchet belt made for women that could be an alternative to leather belts, the SlideBelts Women’s Classic Ratchet Belt is a great choice for you to fall in love with. This belt features no holes allowing you to adjust the belt sizes to fit. It is also easy to adjust by just simply lifting the buckle frame. It is made with cruelty-free materials yet has a natural leather finish look too.


It comes in five colors and buckles variations to use so you feel free to choose which color suits your style. These variations include Black Leather with Gunmetal Buckle, Black Leather with Square Silver Buckle, Mocha Brown with Square Gunmetal Buckle, Mocha Brown Leather with Square Silver Buckle, and White Leather with Square Silver Buckle.




Here at Cruelty Free faux leather Belts, we only feature products that are made with cruelty-free materials. They are ensured to be made only with ethically sourced materials with no animals involved upholding the vegan standards. We bring to you the convenience of vegan shopping as all our recommended products are available on our website including cork belts. Shop Cruelty Free faux leather Belts site for vegan leather belts items or non-leather belts for all genders and occasions from only the best and most credible vegan brands.


While it may sound like switching to our non-leather belts to cruelty-free and ethically sourced faux leather belt or alternative belt is nothing but a small effort, it is still a remarkable step to take. 


Perhaps you’re like us here at Cruelty Free Belts and are a little crazy about Vegan Leather Belts.  If this is you, we recommend reading some of our related blog posts: How to Make your own Vegan Leather Belt“, “Cactus Leather – More Prick but Less Harm to Animals“, “Vegan Belts – the Ethical Real Leather Free Alternative“, “Vegan Belts make an Ethical Difference“, “Vegan Leather vs Real Leather – What’s the Best Option?“, “The 10 Best Reasons Why a Genuine Leather Belt is Worse than a Vegan Leather Belt“, and “Are Vegan Leather Belts Better than Real Leather Belts?”

What makes vegan belts a great alternative to real leather belts?

It's hard to tell the difference between vegan belts and real leather, but they look just as cool. Vegan belts offer better quality than leather belts and are more fashionable and go well with any suit or outfit. In addition, brushed nickel buckles on vegan belts are also a great option for men due to their corrosion resistance and exceptional durability. Moreover, vegan belts can be found with polished nickel buckles and durable microfiber. Then, the material used in its strap is of high quality, so it will not only last but also have that luxurious feel to it.

There is no doubt that the SlideBelts Women's Classic Ratchet Belt will be a favorite for you. This belt is a no-hole belt, which allows you to adjust the size to suit you. In addition, the buckle frame can be easily adjusted by lifting it. Aside from this, the leather finish is made with cruelty-free materials while still maintaining a natural appearance. In addition, there are more reasons to add.

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