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Reasons Why Cork Belts are both Ethical and Sustainable

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Are looking to add to or make your style game with the best natural non leather belt product in 2022?  If so, shopping for cork belts that are organically produced, and sustainable belt may be just for you.  Search for a new cork belt and it may be like one of your best options to shop for yourself or give as a gift to a friend so become a best customer of Cruelty Free Belts. Cork belts are vegan, cruelty free, and thus an excellent product for any customer shopping for a belt in 2022 who is looking or search to make the right difference by opting for a sustainable belt option. A good manufacturer for a belt is Corkor; Corkor like belts are the best and are both stylish and add durability, so get your search on and shop for a new Corkor vegan belt today and make shipping to your residence by clicking here to visit Cruelty Free Belts Cork Belts Page.  A Corkor vegan belt may also make the best gift idea.



A Corkor vegan belt is a handmade product and comes in like three pieces or less, cruelty free, and shipping can even be free when you shop. They look classy, sophisticated, and better than a traditional animal belt. The only difference? Unlike other belts, these belts do not add or include any animal cruelty and are 100% vegan cruelty free, which may make an ethical person a happy shopping customer.  So, search for and wear your belt with confidence knowing that you make a difference like a cruelty free customer will.



Your most average belt will feature three different layers. The first one would act like the PU’s base, just above it you have a belt lining, and the uppermost layer features your cork belt with the sophisticated finish. The materials are perfectly bonded and add stitching for maximum durability. And given your belt style and fashion search requirements as a customer, you will probably get a cork belt in all possible styles and cruelty free designs.



But what is a cork belt in the first place and what is the cruelty free manufacturing process of cork belts? We will learn all that and more in the following few sections.



Cork belts – The basics



If you didn’t already know, this material is a highly sustainable material that is taken from oak tree barks. It has been observed that cork naturally thrives over nine to 15 years. What’s more, they are friendly to the environment and the best most sustainable option.



Even before it was used in producing belts, the material was best leveraged to create wine like stubble. However, processes have evolved over the last couple of years enabling cork belt to make a substance that appears and feels more like a different kind of best belt to a customer. These types of cork undergo rigorous manufacturing processes to create the right product and the right finish.



What’s more, you also get fabric belts that are just as eco-friendly, equally sustainable, may make a great gift idea, cruelty free, and come in a variety of belt size. Owing to its massive popularity, a large chunk of manufacturers is using this in 2022.



Origin before Cork Belts



At this point, you may want to know how cork was first harvested in the first place. For the unversed, the material has been in use for the last 5,000 years. Initially, it was used to seal items, particularly like the ones with wine and other ale. It is believed that cork-product was first found by an Amphora who used the material to seal a wine bottle that may last several years.  It wasn’t until much later that this material was being made into a belt.



During the earlier days, the Greeks too leveraged the product to build sandals and the Chinese decided to use it as fishing gear. According to historical evidence, people living in Babylon did the same. Because of the material’s many benefits, the Babylonians tried to reserve it by creating stringent protection for their oak tree forests. However, it only came to the forefront in the 18th century. At this time, the production skyrocketed, and it was highly commercially customer available.



Over time, the wine and alcohol industry evolved, and they continued to thrive thanks to high-quality cork stoppers. However, this would only last until the 20th Century. During this period, several wine manufacturers in Australia were uncomfortable with the overall taste of corked wine. They even assumed that they were produced at inferior quality for customers so that the New World Wine influx takes a standstill.



They were not quite wrong, because the original high-quality cork-material was quickly replaced by their plastic and synthetic counterparts. Until the last decade, even Australia joined hands with New Zealand to produce these cheaper variants of corks. Immediately after, America and several European countries went by the same route to produce a cheaper belt that was not the best.



The result? The customer demand for cork declined significantly and massive oak forests were deliberately destroyed. However, all is not lost because this quickly led to a renewed enthusiasm among wine connoisseurs, who wanted real, high-quality material this time. With the advent of veganism, this type of material free of real leather soon replicated conventional and established a household name in the fashion belt industry, and now you can search and may be able to get almost any belt size that best fits.



Corkor Belts Manufacturing



Now that you know what cork-material is and where it comes from, you are probably wondering how the production process might seem like. As you would probably guess, the process is extensive, detailed, and highly intricate.



The cork derived from oak trees requires at least two and a half decades to mature. Before this point, you cannot harvest the tree. The highest quality variant of the material is found in the oak trees of Portugal. There it is known to reach the loftiest heights of up to 20 meters. Currently, both Portugal and Spain produce the best high-quality genuine material and the overall global production of the material is at least 200,000 tons.



Next, after the tree assumes maturity, it gains a circumference of 60cm, and the bark is removed at this point. Following this harvest, it takes several years for the oak to redevelop to produce more material. This is one of the main reasons why oak trees are harvested only once in nine to 15 years. The material typically has an average lifespan of 300 years, so your cork belt is likely to outpace you, so your search won’t be in vain. Usually, it is believed that the initial harvest is weaker than the latter harvests.



Individuals specializing in extracting corks are quite evidently known as extractors. When you attempt to harvest the plant with an extremely sharp ax, even the smallest cut should be horizontal, and the height should be twice the circumference of the oak tree. This is followed by multiple vertical cuts that enable removing directly from the tree. While cutting the tree with the ax, the professional extractor ensures that the phellogen and the tree are fully undamaged.



Next, we come to the corkboards that are manually removed. This is predominantly followed as a best practice. When the material is finally harvested it is kept in a factory/forest making way for conventional during. Over the next six years, it is air-dried. Following that, it is loaded in a truck and directly moved through to processors.



By the time it reaches this point, the material is properly steamed so that the resultant product is high-quality and elastic. The press withstands high levels of heat and extreme pressure. This is then created into smaller blocks which you later slice thinly. Finally, this material will let you create almost any type of accessory crafted like a belt. Unlike conventional leather, this type of leather free material doesn’t undergo extensive manufacturing or constant chemical processing. The overall technique is simple and highly organic.



Many people in their search as a potential customer do not shop for a cork belt even if they come in their belt size assuming they would tear or crumble at some point. However, this is far from reality thanks to the extensive manufacturing process. Because of the stringent manufacturing, the resultant product is flexible and extremely thin but durable. Sharing the same features as conventional, this is an excellent alternative and can be leveraged in all possible ways.



Once the material is ready, manufacturers like Corkor dye it until the final material is created. This leaves you with exceptional designs that are usually evident in a Corkor vegan leather free belt.



This material is a high-quality, eco-friendly, cruelty free, and the best sustainable alternative that is directly derived from oak trees. The unique aspect of a cork oak tree, in particular, is the fact that its outer bark is quickly regenerated. When the tree matures for two and a half decades, you can get rid of the material. This wouldn’t damage the initial tree at any stage.



This material is extremely durable, and you will find several shared traits in its appearance when compared to traditional material.  With regard to belts the belt size is same as a genuine cruel animal belt but is cruelty free. What’s more, these products are eco-friendly, won’t cause you any allergy, are resistant to water, and resistant to stains as well. Even if you accidentally stain it, the issue can be easily fixed with a simple wash.  If you’d like to read more great information about Cork Belts Manufacturing, we suggest reading: “Benefits and Manufacturing Process of Cork and Cork Belts.



How are the Best Corkor Belts Made?



As you probably know, making cork requires tons of patience. First, you need to wait until the tree assumes maturity. After this point, you can start harvesting the bark as your first attempt. Unfortunately, this first harvest is often deemed of inferior quality to the second and third harvests and this is partially true. Following the first harvest, you need to wait at least nine years until you get to use the material again to make belt and other products.



Once the oak tree is harvested, it will easily absorb carbon-dioxide, probably at even a higher rate. It is believed that most cork oaks take in three to five times of the Co2 when compared to unharvested variants.



After the bark of the cork is separated from the tree, the material is allowed to dry for six months. Immediately following this, the material is well-steamed for the elasticity you would otherwise need in the belt. Next, the cork blocks are separated as thin sheets and each of them comes with three layers as discussed earlier. The final product is highly durable, and you might want to use it to make any kind of customer fashionable item.



As you perhaps know at this point, the majority of manufacturers come from Portugal. In fact, more than half of the global material produced is extracted from there, thanks to the Country’s sprawling oak trees. Because Portugal is a dry country with a temperate climate, it is typically easier for oak trees to thrive. Even though they are at the risk of catching fires, cork oak doesn’t burn as fast thanks to its multiple layers.



After harvesting the cork, manufacturers spend the next six months drying it out. The same thing applies to almost all corks made for high-quality fashion accessories or wine. The longer it is dried the better the quality.



Watch the YouTube Video below to see the removal and beginning of manufacturing process:


Even though this material is weather-resistant, to add variance and color to the belts, manufacturers consider drying even before the backing is added. At this point, the cork is fully dyed in brownish and other shades. Most manufacturers leverage vegetable dye for the process and they also back it up with other organic materials to develop a highly eco-friendly belt or any similar accessory.



Durability of cork belt



Now that you know almost everything about this type of vegan belt, you are probably wondering whether it is durable as well. Luckily, the answer is yes because almost half the volume of the product is air and because it is steamed, it is highly elastic.



If you become a new customer and get a cork belt in your belt size, you can safely assume that it will outlive you and will help save the skin of other animals as it is cruelty free. However, as with everything else, this durability will vary depending on the type of material and where you put it. As you know, most of this material comes with high elasticity and they do not experience abrasion easily either. So, whether it is a belt or a wallet, it is extremely durable and will last you the longest time.



Cork Benefits



As you would probably guess, a new high-quality cork comes with multiple benefits. In this section, we will take a closer look at them.



Extremely light



This is one of the defining qualities. The material is extremely light making it ideal for belts, laptop bags, wallets, and a range of other accessories that are otherwise created from conventional animal cruelty material. Because more than 50% of the material is air, it is extremely light and ideal for any kind of task.



Resistant to Water



Yes, cork is also water-resistant meaning your favorite belt won’t suffer even when you choose to take a dip or are suddenly stuck in an adverse weather situation. Because the material can retain moisture in high amounts, it won’t get bad so soon, so your cork belt will last much longer. The layers that go within a belt make it almost impenetrable when it comes to any type of liquid or gassy variant.



Resistant to Abrasion



As you already know, this material very sturdy and will last you more than a lifetime. Even if you wear the belt regularly, it won’t be damaged by wear and tear, all because of its appearance which follows the honeycomb format. It is also resistant to friction, one of the main reasons why even NASA chooses to use it.



Burns low and slow



Another defining benefit of cork is just the fact: it’s burning rate extremely low and slow. Even though we are confident you wouldn’t need this benefit, it is still better to have something as durable and useful.






While traditional cruel belts are often hard, such is not the case with a cork belt. This is perhaps yet another reason why Corkor belts are so sought after. Every belt is soft, and they are unique because you will never find two belts of this material that look the same as each other.



Quality of cork



In case you’re worried about the quality of the material, you needn’t be because corkor vegan belt comes in many belts size and has one of the best processes when it comes to aging. What’s more, they will be just as good over several years and decades.  So, it will make the perfect gift. Unlike traditional material, they wouldn’t lose their suppleness and would be durable and consistent.



The biggest and most highly sought-after quality is that it is completely organic and vegan. As you already know, the material is also resistant to stains, water, and all other types of wear and tear. The products do not be consistently maintained per se and all you just need to do is give them a soap water bath once in a while.



Over time, you will find new features and elements in your cork belt in your belt size which will only add to your best style.  



Corkor Belts are sustainably harvested



As you already know, this industry is highly eco-friendly, and the production and manufacturing of cork are deemed sustainable in all ways. Unlike other options, the tree is not entirely destroyed. Instead, only the bark is used at an interval of nine to fifteen years. Usually, this process begins in May and lasts until the last few months of August.



Most oak trees have a life expectancy of around 200 years. After this time, farmers manually plant new seedlings allowing the oak forest to expand further. At times, you will also experience the oak tree’s natural proliferation process where it’ll start to shed acorns that will eventually mature into cork-oak trees. The best part: unlike leather, you can easily recycle these trees. Every oak tree will thrive even when you remove the material it will grow back. It will continue to grow and produce during its lifetime.



Given these reasons, cork is deemed highly sustainable especially when you compare it to traditional cruelty-based material.  Are you like us and want to continue reading about Cork Belts?  If so, we recommend reading, “5 Reasons Why Cork Belts are Best for Animals and the Environment.



Bottom Line



Overall, cork stands up as one of the best options to shop for when you are looking for anything vegan and cruelty free, like Corkor vegan belt. Because it is highly sustainable and also considered a renewable form of resource, there is no death of it, and a belt made with such material will last a long time.  So, if you are looking to spend on a nice belt consider shopping and becoming a customer of Cruelty Free Belts’.  Do not think twice and choose your new favorite belt in your belt size right away!  With free shipping when you shop for Corkor Belts how could you go wrong?



Ready to go shopping for the best cork belt?



If so, here are your search options to shop for the best cruelty free corkor belts in 2022.  Go shopping to get one for yourself and gift some to friends and family.  Some come with free shipping for Amazon Prime Members offered in many different belts size.



Go shopping for a Men’s Corkor vegan belt:


  • All Men’s cork belts offered by Corkor (belt size from 32″-42′) shipping directly to you


  • Classic single prong buckle 25mm (belt size 34″, 38″, and 42″) shipping directly to you



  • Dress durable 35mm belt (belt size 34″, 38″, and 42″) shipping directly to you


  • Reversible 30mm brown/black shipping directly to you


  • Reversible 35mm brown/black (belt size 34″, 38″, and 42″) shipping directly to you


Go Shopping for Women’s Corkor vegan belt:


  • All Women’s cork belts offered by Corkor (belt size 27″-35″) shipping directly to you


  • Classic single prong buckle 25mm (belt size 27″-35″) shipping directly to you


  • Large width 40mm cork belt (belt size 27″-35″) shipping directly to you
Why is a Corkor vegan belt a must-try?

You can even get free shipping on Corkor vegan belts when you shop, and they are handmade, cruelty-free, and come in three pieces or less. Compared to traditional animal belts, they look more elegant and sophisticated. Is that all there is? These belts, unlike others, do not contain any animal cruelty. Therefore, a vegan person may be happy to shop for them. In addition, the most average belt is composed of three layers. This would serve as the base of the PU belt, followed by the leather belt lining, and then finally by your cork belt with its sophisticated finish. Also, a perfect bond is created between the materials, and stitching is added to ensure maximum durability.

How does a cork belt have such a high quality?

The reason why cork belts are so elastic is that almost half their volume is air, and they are steam-steamed so they are very porous. Whatever it is, it will last you a very long time, whether it is a belt or wallet. Moreover, cork is also water-resistant, so you won't need to worry about your favorite belt getting damaged if you take a dip or find yourself in an adverse weather situation. Keeping moisture in large amounts means that the material won't get bad so soon, which means your cork belt will last much longer. In addition to its friction resistance, it is also used by NASA for engineering purposes.

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