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The Best Mens and Womens Vegan Belts available in 2022

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Every year, thousands of cows are slaughtered for their skin to be used to make belts, shoes, wallets, bags, etc. Many overlook this harsh truth and continue not being vegan and instead choose to be cruel to animals. It is time for fashion brands should stop turning a blind eye and make a change by producing products made from vegan leather like vegan belts. Vegan belts are nice to animals and environmentally friendly. Though many brands claim their products not to be cruel to animals, but not all of them are entirely vegan leather. If you are looking for a cruelty-free vegan belt, below we have the best vegan belts for both men and women.


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10. SlideBelts’ Men’s Ratchet Vegan Belts

These quality no-holes ratchet vegan belts allow you to adjust it precisely to the perfect fit. It has a simple-to-use buckle that makes it effortless to adjust the vegan belt, and it can be interchanged using the straps. You can quickly trim down the strap to your actual waist size for a custom fit. The ratchet vegan belt is made from animal-friendly vegan leather that offers your outfit a finishing touch.


9. Axesoria Men’s Reversible Vegan Belts

These men’s vegan belts are constructed from slightly stretch material that offers a comfortable feel. You can adjust these vegan belts to your most comfortable fit because it has a brushed silver buckle. It is a reversible vegan leather belt, where you can change between brown and black. These vegan leather belts are made from non-animal and cruelty-free material that feels just like leather. Besides, the vegan belts width is 1.3-inches or 34mm, and the total strap length is 39 inches.


8. Doshi Polished Gunmetal Vegan Belt


Here is a quality men’s vegan belt designed with all the simplicity a man would want. The polished vegan belt combines durable microfiber with a detailed, polished gunmetal to give you a good fit. These vegan leather belts are constructed from high-quality microfiber vegan leather, and it has no leather or animal products in it.


7. Doshi Auto 1 Vegan Belt


This faux leather belt has a modern look like it should have a three-figure price tag.  What’s more, you have nothing to worry about because these belts have no holes.


6. Doshi Stunning Auto Vegan Belt


The faux leather belt combines microfiber vegan leather with an automatic, adjustable buckle. The buckle has a high-quality construction that will not wear quickly.




·   It has a high-quality construction

·   PETA-Approved vegan belt

·   These vegan belts have no leather or animal products


5. Klik Belts Tactical Belt – 2 Ply 1.5″ Nylon Heavy Duty Cobra Release Buckle

These heavy-duty vegan belts are made from double-ply nylon 1.5″ wide, fitting most standard tactical belt loops. These tactical vegan belts are suitable for men and women, and they are good enough for crazy adventures, casual attire, and heavy-duty work.  It has military-grade nylon webbing that makes the belt strong without sacrificing comfort.


Each buckle is made of 7075 aluminum, enabling you to equip yourself with something solid and durable.




·   These vegan belts come in a variety of colors and sizes

·   These vegan belts fit most standard tactical belt loops

·   Men and women can use them


4. GRIP6 Vegan Belts for Men & Women Ultralight Series

GRIP6 Canvas vegan belts are not only functional, but they are also vegan, attractive, lightweight, and comfortable to use. The vegan belts have carefully designed edges of the buckles, where they are smooth and strong enough to last for years. They are constructed from solid aluminum and durable military-grade webbing. The rugged vegan belt strap is made from two layers of military webbing, and it has a breaking strength of 2500 pounds.




·   This vegan belt is designed for comfort and style

·   The buckles are interchangeable


3. Mission Belt Men’s 40mm Canvas Ratchet Vegan Belts

With this vegan ratchet belt, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing holes again because the ratchet does not have holes. It is made of high-quality canvas that is 1.5-inches wide with no needless holes to wear out. These belts have a removable vegan buckle that is handy for going through airport security, and it enables you to cut vegan leather down to a smaller size if needed.


Moreover, the quick release lever on the vegan belt is smooth to offer simple on/off release.




·   The vegan belts offer a comfortable and perfect fit

·   You won’t experience wear because it has no holes

·   The price is reasonable


2. Corkor Men’s Reversible 35mm Cork Vegan Belts

corkor reversible belt mens vegan belts

These vegan cork belts reverse from black to brown, providing two looks in one. It is handcrafted from genuine cork from a cork oak trees, and it is a vegan belt that will match everything in your closet. This is an excellent alternative to animal leather. It is an eco-friendly and non-cruel vegan belt that offers a great opportunity to prevent animal exploitation.




·   The cork is resistant to moisture and abrasion

·   Lightweight and comfortable to wear


1.  Artigiano Cactus Leather Classic Green Vegan Belt


This vegan belt is not only sustainable, but it is also durable enough to withstand the test of time. This vegan belt is 1 3/8 wide, made from cactus leather. In addition, it has a stylish and elegant finish that will match every outfit in your closet.




·   It is made with materials that consider being kind towards animals and that are also environmentally friendly

·   Sustainable and durable

·   Versatile and suitable for any outfit


Shop the Best Vegan Belts for Women


10. Doshi Square Reversible Vegan Belt


This is a reversible 1″ wide vegan belt with a square reversible buckle. Also, you can cut the vegan belt down to size to suit your needs. When you want to reverse the belt, hold the bottom of the metal buckle firmly, pull the buckle away from the belt, twist, and you are done.




·   This vegan belt is available in a variety of colors

·   It is reversible and comfortable to wear

·   Designed to withstand the test of time


9. Doshi Gold Ring Vegan Belt – Brown

Doshi Gold Ring Womens Vegan Belts


Compared to other cheap vegan leather alternative belts, these faux leather belts are made from micro-fiber vegan leather, are smooth and durable. This vegan belt is PETA-approved, which is a good alternative to animal-derived materials. You can adjust this vegan belt to different levels for maximum comfort. It has a width of 1.5″/3.8cm and a thickness of 1/8″/4mm, making it ideal for most jeans.




·   It has a solid gold-colored buckle

·   This is a vegan PETA-approved belt

·   Made from eco-friendly micro-fiber vegan leather


8. SlideBelts Women’s Ratchet Belt

This vegan ratchet belt features a patented, no-holes design that allows you to adjust the belt at 1/4″ increments to give a perfect fit every time. With the intuitive design, adjusting the vegan belt will be simple. You only need to lift the buckle’s frame to adjust the vegan belt in small increments. The vegan belts are made from animal-friendly vegan faux leather, and they have a natural leather finish. It can fit waist sizes of up to 48-inches, and the straps are 1-1/4″ wide.




·   The belt has a natural vegan leather finish

·   It is made of cruelty-free and animal-friendly faux leather

·   No-holes design allows you to adjust


7. Western Turquoise Vegan Belt

If you want a belt that will give a custom fit, this is the best vegan belt to buy. The belt strap has snaps that enable you to change the belt buckles to be prepared for any occasion. It is vegan, cruelty-free, non-animal leatherette with a dark silver finish.




·   Easy to use and maintain

·   It fits most waist sizes

·   Comfortable to wear.


6. Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Classic Black Belt

vegan cactus leather


Are you looking for a quality vegan leather belt that is animal-cruelty free and environmentally friendly? If yes, buy this elegant belt made from cactus leather. The belt is sustainable and robust enough to stand the test of time.




·   The belt is animal-free and completely vegan

·   Available in different sizes


5. GRIP6 Canvas Belts for Women Ultralight Series

The belts have carefully designed edges of the buckles, where they are smooth and strong enough to last for years. GRIP6 Canvas belts are not only functional, but they are also attractive, lightweight, and comfortable to use.


4. Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Green Belt with Ocoxal Buckle


These vegan belts are made from quality cactus materials that will withstand everyday use without tearing. This vegan leather belt has a stylish finish that will perfectly match any outfit in your closet. It has quality microfiber that feels smooth.




·   It can be adjusted to different levels of comfort

·   Lightweight and comfortable to wear


3.  Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Casual Nude Color Belts


These casual belts are constructed of high-quality vegan cactus leather, a quality microfiber used instead of animal leather. The belt has a sturdy buckle system that enables you to adjust the belt to your comfort level.




·   It is entirely vegan and cruelty-free

·   Sustainable and durable


2.  Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Classic Cognac Belt


Here is another environmentally friendly and cruelty-free suitable for women. The belt has a classic and elegant finish that will complement many of your outfits. It is made from cactus-based vegan leather that is sustainable and resistant to wear.


1.  Doshi Gold Ring Vegan Belt – Red Color


This is one of the best vegan belts for someone looking for something affordable yet functional. These faux leather vegan belts combine long-lasting microfiber with a nickel buckle. It has a high-quality construction of microfiber vegan leather. Although it has a leather-like finish, note that it has no leather or animal products.




·   It has a width of 1 3/8″, making it suitable for dress or formal wear

·   Made of animal-free, microfiber vegan leather

·   It comes at an affordable price




Because our environment is degrading fast, we might not be able to save it unless we start now. We have offered you the 10 best vegan belts for both men and women in the market. Shifting from conventional belts to vegan belts might seem minor, but it will make a big difference in freeing animals and preserving the environment.  Please also visit our Cruelty Free Belts website product categories pages to go shopping for even more vegan belts: Recycled Material Belts, Vegan Leather Belts, Cork Belts, and Canvas Belts.


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What makes the best vegan belts for men and women?

You can choose any vegan belt from this site based on your personal preferences, as all these belts are highly recommended. You can adjust some belts precisely to achieve the perfect fit, for instance. Furthermore, there are vegan belts with reversible straps that are made from slightly stretchy material that feels comfortable on the skin. Another option is a polished vegan belt combining durable microfiber with detailed, polished gunmetal to provide a good fit. Additionally, vegan belts are lightweight and durable, not only sustainable but also durable enough to last for a long time.

What is the significance of shifting with a vegan belt?

It may seem minor to change from conventional to vegan belts, but it will have a great impact on the environment and the freedom of animals. Additionally, due to the rapid degradation of our environment, there might not be enough time to save it if we do not take action now.

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