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The Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes taught by Vegan Chefs

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The idea of embracing a vegan diet always sounds great in theory. You have the drive to make changes to the way you eat, with great intentions for your health, animals, and the planet. You know that this is a positive step into a better lifestyle. But then you try creating a whole-new meal plan with a vegan twist and fall at the first hurdle. We’ve all been there but now with online vegan Cooking Classes it is easier than ever to become vegan and stay vegan.  Veecoco offers the best online vegan cooking courses and lessons anywhere online.


Going vegan isn’t always as simple as making substitutions and we soon feel that the dishes we loved are out of reach. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right guidance and access to new ideas, you can reinvent the way you cook and enjoy vegan food. The best way to do this is with an online cooking class run by vegan chefs.


Veecoco Vegan Cooking Classes

Why Take Online Vegan Cooking Classes?


You might ask why bother going to the trouble of signing up for an extensive online vegan cooking classes when there are so many food delivery systems and meal prep solutions out there? While some great companies deliver vegan meal plans to your door, you still need the fundamentals of how to cook everything and understand the ingredients. It’s fine to follow a recipe card once. But could you then source the ingredients a month later and cook it for friends and family? Unlikely. Vegan Cooking Courses give you greater skills to expand your options and gain confidence in the kitchen.  


As for those food delivery companies, there may be a great Korean place around the corner with vegan dishes. But can you afford to order it that often? The membership cost of a cooking course pays for itself once you take all you learn and build a healthier, cost-effective menu of homemade vegan delights. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to takeout or a restaurant visit on a special occasion, but it does mean you aren’t reliant on these establishments to the point where they lose their impact.


What is Veecoco?


There are many great online vegan cooking course programs around. But we want to focus on Veecoco. This company is impressive because not only do they have a wide range of courses to try, but they also have great tools and support to help you on this journey. You can sign up with a membership scheme that meets your needs, access the learning material with ease, and enjoy a wide range of tasty vegan food. What we also like about Veecoco is that it is a vibrant young company with owners that appreciate the struggle. They truly seem like they want to improve the prospects of new vegans lacking culinary skills.


Below, you can learn more about the courses that Veecoo has on offer, giving you a better idea of what you can learn and create when signed up. You will then find important information about the membership plans and resources. Before that, let’s take a closer look at how Veecoco started, its aims, and the general feedback from users.


Who Created Veecoco Online Vegan Cooking Program?


Veecoco is the invention of two young twin brothers from Germany. Their youth and enthusiasm bring a breath of fresh air into the program where older entrepreneurs may struggle to connect with their audience. The program emerged around 2 years ago, so it is established but with room to grow. Both twins had struggled with physical health issues related to their “normal” diet and turned to veganism for a change. The results inspired them to create Veecoco to help others do the same.


Why was the Veecoco Created?


One of the great things about joining up with this program and putting your trust in these twins is their background. There are so many professional chefs and big corporations that could try and exploit the vegan market with an uninspired program. But you know that the heart and passion for veganism wouldn’t be there, and they would want to sell you something else.


Here, you have resources from people that get what it means to switch to veganism, the reasons for doing so, and how to make vegan cooking fun. They were keen to present classes with exciting and diverse dishes to prove that vegan food can be flavorful.


They went from a place of struggling with poor health and dietary choices to improving their physical and mental health. They seem to genuinely want that for their students and will make the effort to ensure this is as accessible as possible.


What Can Veecoco Offer to Aspiring Vegan Cooks?


The main focus of this program is access to a wide range of courses and individual lessons. You shouldn’t ever get stuck for ideas with this comprehensive online vegan cooking course. There are 22 courses in total with 800+ lessons. This takes users on a culinary journey across the world with specialist courses focusing on European and Asian cuisine. This is also about more than just main courses for a home-cooked dinner. There are courses on pastry, desserts, brunch options, and more. There are also options for a healthier vibe and raw diets.


So How Does Veecoco Work?


Veecoco is all about offering access to video lessons where you can watch professional vegan chefs create the meals from scratch. Members with the right plan can also receive helpful additional materials for reference and online guidance. You get to work through the lessons at your own pace, picking up a few new skills and recipe ideas at a time. As you progress, you will find that your knowledge of vegan ingredients, preparation methods, and worldwide vegan dishes expands significantly.


Also, the feedback from those that have taken the course in the past is positive. There are testimonials from students on the Veecoco website. Many praise the user-friendly experience with the videos and other materials. There is also a lot of appreciation for the regular updates to the content. The creators work hard to bring new recipes and ideas to the courses so there is always something new to learn. In turn, this provides even more value in that membership fee.


Is Veecoco Completely Vegan?


Yes. While some companies will offer a blend of vegan and vegetarian options to pad out their course, Veecoco is purely vegan. There is a focus on plant-based ingredients and alternative methods to show that all kinds of meals and world cuisines are possible without animal-based products.


What Courses are Available from Veecoco?


At the moment, the Veecoco online vegan cooking classes contains 22 courses and over 800 lessons. The lesson plan is ever expanding as the team work on new ideas and film new instructions with their chefs. There is also the potential for the course list to grow over time.


Right now, the topics are already very broad. You can find some great courses that focus on pastry and dessert, more basic fundamentals, and lots that dive into cuisine from Asia and Europe. Here is a quick overview of what to expect.


Veecoco Courses Covering the Basics


If you are new to the ideas of vegan cooking, or keen to make your own healthy meals and ingredients at home, it helps to have a better idea of some of the fundamentals. A better understanding of healthy vegan diets can help you make better choices with other meal plans. Also, raw food and cheese-making courses can set you up for other culinary discoveries and achievements later on.


Interesting Veecoco Courses


healthy and easy plant based cooking with Veecoco online vegan cooking classesA good starting point here is Healthy & Easy Plant-Based Cooking which is one of Veecoco online vegan cooking classes with videos from the vegan nutritionist and athlete Marisa Hofmeister. You can pair this with The Perfect Vegan Brunch for tasty meals to kick start a weekend on the right foot. A good vegan brunch may also win over friends not yet sure about the vegan lifestyle.

raw vegan buddha bowl online vegan cooking coursesAnother interesting option for those interested in the healthier side of vegan cooking is Raw Food Fundamentals by vegan chef Lauren Lovatt. This and Raw Food Essentials by renowned raw food chef Sayuri Tanaka focus on raw cooking and clean ingredients for better health.


Another fun course for the fundamentals of vegan cooking is Vegan Cheese Made Easy. Here, you get to learn how to make your own mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, and more without turning to any animal-based ingredients. You can then use these skills to make cheese for other recipes across the other courses. There is also the Artisanal Vegan Cheese course for something a bit more special.


vegan mozzarella cheese online vegan cooking courses


Veecoco Courses – Pastry and Desserts


There are definite benefits in turning to vegan food for physical health. But we don’t just want to eat super-healthy low-calorie vegetable dishes and raw food. There has to be room within a balanced diet for something a little sweet too. This was important to the creators of Veecoco, with one twin openly admitting to a sweet tooth. So, it is nice to see so many lessons for dessert and learning to work with vegan pastry.


vegan pastry oatmeal and banana cookies online vegan cooking coursesVegan Pastry Essentials is an important starting point for the “fundamental principles of vegan baking” with some nice beginner cakes and pastries to make at home. Once you get that certificate, you can progress to Vegan Pastry Essentials II. Here, Diana Kronenberg offers a more complex course with trickier forms for puff pastry and pain au chocolate. There is also the option of Mouthwatering Vegan Desserts that expands your dessert skins with things like raw cheesecake and chocolate bars. Alternatively, you can try Baking with Sourdough for Italian pizza and focaccia.

Veecoco Courses Covering Food from Across the World


Then there are the online vegan cooking classes that are designed to open up doors to new worlds. You may be a big fan of the cuisine of a specific country, making a point to order it as takeout. But what if you could recreate those dishes in vegan form without paying the high prices for delivery? Here, you can enjoy lessons that take you through Asia and some classic regions of Europe. This includes mains as well as more tasty vegan deserts.


vegan chocolate brownies veecoco vegan cooking lessonsThere is a cross-over between the European and dessert categories. The French Pastry Classics – Vegan & Gluten-Free Course brings videos from authentic French for a tasty treat without the guilt. There is a similar experience with gourmet pastry chef Matteo Febbraio over at Fine Italian Pastries & Desserts. Or you can learn about Vegan Swiss Chocolate & Sweets from a gourmet Swiss chocolate brand.


Spaghetti and Marinara Vegan Italian Classic vegan cooking courseMoving back to the savory side of things, fans of Italian food have a lot of options to play with thanks to the Contemporary Italian Cuisine and Vegan Italian Classics courses. The former is taught by Michelin-trained chef Pietro Platania. The latter has 32 classic Italian recipes including pizza and pasta dishes. Alternatively, you could go for some Vegan German. Germany may be famed for meat dishes, but here you can get a vegan twist on Schnitzel, Roula den, and more.


sichuan eggplant stirfry korean vegan dish online vegan cooking coursesOver in Asia, you could start with the Korean Online Vegan Cooking Course. This includes recipes for vegan bibimbap, Korean pancakes, and bulgogi. The Authentic Vegan Thai Course is perfect for recreating some of the dishes that you love to order from your local takeout – and always wished you could cook from scratch. It is a similar experience with the specialist Vegan Japanese – Sushi and Ramen online vegan cooking course. Ramen soup is a quick and easy option with vegan recipes available. You can also try tasty nigiri and sushi rolls with vegetables rather than fish. Then, there is the Authentic Vegan Vietnamese Course for items like pho soup.


As mentioned before when talking about the user testimonials, these courses work by engaging students via different materials. The videos are the main source of learning. You can access these whenever you choose and go back to them to make sure you have all the right steps. This is perfect for visual learners that love to watch cookery shows on television but need a little more guided learning. An added benefit here is that the videos are generally no longer than 10 minutes. You don’t need to carve out a big chunk of an afternoon to learn something new.


From there, you can access content on the mobile app – which is perfect when cooking in the kitchen, so your laptop isn’t in a precarious position. There are also coursebooks and recipe cards for those that want written instructions when practicing the meals at a later date. This 24/7 access also means it is easy to fit your learning around your job and other commitments. If you want to learn how to make vegan sushi at 3 am when you can’t sleep, you can.


Veecoco Offers Great Student Support and Encouragement


On top of that, there are some brilliant tools to help encourage users in their journey. A great example of this is the Guided Path. This helps users tailor their learning plan to their goals. This means that those with some cooking background and vegan knowledge can jump into areas of interest, while complete newcomers start with the basics. The certificates of completion are a nice touch for a sense of achievement. Whatever your level of expertise and goals, you can enjoy a great support network. The team behind the VeeCoco cooking courses is on hand to answer comments and queries. There is also a student community section linked to Facebook. Here, you have the chance to connect with other students and share achievements, encouraging each other along the way.


Which Veecoco Membership Option is right for You?


Whatever online vegan cooking classes you wish to take, you need to set up your membership with Veecoco first. There are three options available here. The first is to take a free trial. There is the promise of no automatic renewal, so this should be a risk-free way to get a taste of what to expect. The free version offers access to some of the lessons in these courses, but not all. You get an idea of what you can learn, but then need to pay to progress any further. You also don’t get all the support and additional materials until you pay your membership fee.

Veecoco Vegan Cooking Classes

Once you have a better idea of what you can achieve via this free trial, you can then choose to either move on or choose one of the paid plans. We reckon you will probably see enough to know that the full-access version is worth the cost. If you are still uncertain, you can go for the monthly payment plan that rolls over with the 30-day money-back guarantee. Or, if you want to dive on in, you can go for the full yearly plan. This one still has the option to cancel at any time but is of greater value long-term.

Value of Vegan Cooking Courses and Lessons


The main benefit of opting for the paid plans is that you now have full access to everything that Veecoco has on offer. This includes all of the online vegan cooking classes and lessons with a guided plan and support with the personalized feedback path and certification.


You also get access to all of the course material to make learning easier. The free plan lets you watch some of the videos, but here you also get the coursebooks, recipes, and app. Another nice touch is the shopping list feature, which should make it easier to find all you need at the grocery store to recreate dishes for family and friends.


Your Paid Veecoco Cooking Classes Subscription Also Helps You Give Back to People in Need


poor boy in need give vegan meal todayThere is always going to be an ethical side to switching to vegan cooking – whether you want to reject the meat and dairy industries or look for low-carbon solutions. So, any company with a community and charitable spirit always gets our attention.


Veecoco does this by providing vegan and vegetarian meals for disadvantaged children in Thailand. They partnered with the Thai Non-Profit organization Baan Unrak to ensure that each monthly renewal funds one nutritious meal for struggling kids. It is nice that they are both vegan and vegetarian for great accessibility and nutritional needs. So, when you work through your Thai meals on the Veecoco cooking videos, you can celebrate the culture of those you will help.


Veecoco Gift Cards


Someone holding gift card Veecoco Gift Card for Veecoco Vegan Cooking Academy MembershipFinally, we want to mention the benefits of the Veecoco gift card scheme. This is perfect if there is someone in your life keen to embrace vegan cooking but short on cash to make monthly payments. You can gift them access to the courses so they can get started and learn a lot without paying a dime. These cards range from a quick 1-month introductory session to the full 1-year program. You can purchase them straight from Veecoco as a unique birthday or anniversary gift.

Veecoco Online Vegan Cooking Classes Make Vegan Cooking Fun and Accessible


There is a lot to like about online vegan cooking classes from Veecoco. The drop-in nature and 24/7 access of the cooking classes allow us to pick and choose what we want to learn and when we try out the recipes. So, we can dive into Asian cuisine each evening after work, have fun with vegan baking on the weekend, and so much in between. There is always something new to try within the vast catalog of the paid subscription. Also, the helpful features with the certification, learning plans, and support make it even easier to achieve our goals.


If this sounds like the perfect way to get into vegan cooking, take a look at the style of courses and learning outcomes on Veecoco’s site. There, you can easily enroll with a free trial for a better idea of what to expect. Then, you have the choice to pay for full access. Those that do pay for the full Veecoco online cooking course tend to have a positive experience and find that the program offers great value for money. Before long, you could have a much greater understanding of vegan cooking techniques and ingredients and a great menu of dishes to try on loved ones.


With Veecoco Academy you can learn to cook plant based recipes with these online vegan cooking classes is great thing to do for your health, for animals, and the environment.  If you’d like to do even more we’d encourage that you read some Cruelty Free Belts blog posts: Ethical Exercise with the Best Vegan Weight Lifting Belt“, “The Best Ever Recycled Material Vegan Belts by Jelt Belt“, or “5 Reasons Why Cork Belts are Best for Animals and the Environment.”

Would you rather take a Vegan online class or order vegan food online?

Even though some great companies deliver vegan meal plans to your door, you must still have a basic understanding of how to cook everything and the ingredients to have a successful meal plan. In addition, Vegan Cooking Courses provide you with greater skills that enable you to expand your culinary options and gain confidence in the kitchen. It may be possible to find a great Korean restaurant with vegan dishes around the corner if you use those food delivery companies. Is it affordable to order it so frequently? So, once you build a menu of healthier, cost-effective vegan delights using what you learn in a cooking course, you've paid for it.

The great thing about Veecoco is that they offer not only a wide range of courses to try, but they also provide great tools and support to help you along the way. Aside from that, it is an energetic, young company whose owners appreciate the struggle. It seems they are genuinely interested in improving the prospects of new vegans without culinary skills. Further, the program is primarily focused on providing a wide range of courses and individual lessons, as well as comprehensive vegan cooking courses online.

Compared to other vegan course programs, what makes Veecoco stand out?

You can choose what you want to learn from the cooking classes since they are drop-in and available 24/7. With the vast collection of options available in the paid subscription, there is always something new to discover. As well as the certification, learning plans, and support, make achieving their goals even easier. The Veecoco online vegan cooking classes allow you to learn to prepare plant-based recipes that are healthy for you, animals, and the environment.

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