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cow and calf choose vegan beltsAccording to an article by Animals Australia, hundreds of thousands of cows and day-old calves are slaughtered every year to use their skin to make shoes, bags, belts made from other leather materials. Many people find it hard to believe it’s possible and often overlook this harsh truth, but fashion brands decided to stop turning a blind eye and start making a change by producing products including belts made from vegan leather.


This led to the birth of cruelty free vegan leather lines. These lines include a number of faux leather bags, shoes, vegan belts, and all sorts of clothing which are all made from organic vegan leather materials instead of animal skin designs. Though many brands started to claim that their products are cruelty-free, not all of them are entirely vegan leather.


We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about vegan belts for women, so if you’re on the hunt for a brand that offers authentic vegan leather products (like a vegan brown belt), keep reading.


What is Vegan Leather Fashion?


vegan fast food vegan beltsFrequently, when we hear the word ‘vegan,’ the picture that flashes into our minds is salads, tofu, and dishes filled with greens. We were so used to the idea that the term ‘vegan’ only pertains to a diet. But the uproar of veganism acquainted an addition to the vegan depiction- the vegan leather fashion (aka vegan leather belts).


Since its introduction to the masses, many people have considered shifting from conventional to vegan. Brands also started making a statement by hopping on the trend by releasing cruelty free vegan lines.


Vegan fashion, in short, is any fashion product made from organic materials such as a non-leather belt (aka vegan leather belt otherwise known as a vegan belt), metal belts, and other colorful vegan belts. Non-vegan fashion products are made from traditional leather (like a leather belt), wool, fur, or anything that is extracted from an animal. On the other hand, Vegan leather fashion manufactures products without harming animals and sticks to plant-based and artificial fabrics that last just as long or longer.


Can Vegans Wear Belts?


Veganism has come so far that even accessories can be vegan – and vegan belts are one of them. While vegan belts may not be a common sight in stores, there are specific fashion brands that produce authentic vegan belts made with vegan leather.


How Do I Know If My Belt Is Vegan?


If you search for a vegan belt online, you’ll come up with countless products. These vegan belts come in different designs and colors, and some even come at a questionably low price, given the intricate procedure a product must undergo to be labeled vegan.


You’re right. Much of those products are fake. Spotting whether a belt is legitimately a vegan belt or not can be difficult, but here’s an easy trick that you can do to help determine if a belt is vegan or not.


stop killing animals choose vegan designer beltsTime to check the belt’s label to determine what the material is made of that will help you determine if what you have is a vegan leather belt or not.  Most belts are made from silk and polyester, both of which are not vegan. Therefore, if you see these terms on the belt’s label, leave it. Exclusive fashion brands are the only ones who usually offer vegan products such as vegan belts. They may be a bit costly, but they provide assurance that you’re not wearing animal skin.


You can also opt for vegan belts made from cotton and nylon material, as these two are both vegan leather belts.


What Are Vegan Belts Made Of?


Vegan belts can be made from various organic materials such as bamboo, cotton, linen, or artificial fabrics, but we boiled it down to the most popular materials they can be made of. Below is the list of the most common materials vegan belts are made from:


  •  Cork – cork, as we all know, comes from the soft cork bark of trees and is one of the most commonly used material (cork) in producing vegan belts. Not only is cork 100% vegan, but they are also renewable resources, which makes them a great source.  Shop for cork vegan belts now by on our site by clicking here.


  • Faux Leather – faux, in other terms, means artificial or leather free. Faux leather is a neutral artificial fabric that is designed to replicate authentic leather but can come in a variety of color. These artificial faux leather belts often contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU) but can also be made of apple leather. If you’re looking for an authentic vegan belt, consider adding faux leather.  Shop for vegan leather belts now by clicking here.


  •  Canvas – this is a plain well woven fabric that initially comes from hemp. Hemp is a kind of fiber that can be found in cannabis plants. However, the canvas is now made from cotton blends, linen, or PVC.  Shop for canvas vegan belts now by clicking here.


  •  Recycled Materials – recycled plastic bottles, vegetable and fruit wastes can also be used to manufacture vegan belts. The most common type of these wastes is the MuSkin and Pinatex. MuSkin is made from mushrooms, while Pinatex is made from pineapple. Both replicate the qualities of authentic leather. These wastes are biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly as no toxic chemicals were required to manufacture them.  Shop through our recycled material belts collection now by clicking here.


What Is the Most Popular Vegan Designer Belt?


Renowned models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid walked the fashion ramp while making a spectacle of themselves through classic vegan Gucci Belts.  Not many belt brands are exclusively vegan.


Gucci claims and holds the crown as the best designer for bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories, and it’s not hard to see why. Their classic vegan belts (and even non vegan) never failed to seize women for their capability to make an illusion of a slimmer waistline simple while maintaining a lavish look.


Gucci belt design is very prone to counterfeiters. Many fake Gucci products have splayed all over the digital market. To prevent yourself from spending a fortune on counterfeit Gucci products, it’s best to buy online, and make sure to order from their official website by clicking here.


Best Vegan Belts for Women


These are not a common sight in retail stores. Fake products are also scattered in both actual and digital markets. This is why shopping for one can be a challenge. To free you from this struggle, below is a list of certifiable vegan belts from a notable fashion brand-Gucci.


Chain Belt with Interlocking G


gucci interlocking g vegan designer belts


This chain vegan belt parades the iconic interlocking Gucci logo, with a gold-colored metal enameled above the chain. Given its versatile design, it can be incorporated not only in jeans but also in dresses. It can also be worn either as a hip or waist belt. However, you can only choose one as the size will be based on where the belt will be worn. This chain belt is exhibited in two colors, green and yellow (gold color), as seen in The Gucci Aria collection.  Give one for someone to receive as a birthday gift. Check them out now by clicking here.


GG Marmont chain belt


gucci marmont vegan designer belts


This chain vegan belt offers two color varieties, rose beige metal and black metal. The GG Marmont chain belt is also exhibited in The Gucci Aria collection along with the Chain Belt with Interlocking G. This one shows off a monochrome style that aims to provide a minimalist vibe to your look. Like the Chain Belt with Interlocking G is vegan (metal), its size also depends on where the belt will be worn.  Check them out now by clicking here.


Chain Belt with Interlocking G charm


gucci interlocking g charm vegan designer belts


A gold pleated chain vegan belt displays the iconic interlocking G charm. This chain belt is adjustable and aims to provide the feel of the Gucci collection’s past motifs while adding extra spice through the interlocking G charm. Once again, along with other Gucci chain belts, its sizing is also based on where it will be worn.  Check them out now by clicking here.


Advantages Of Vegan Belts Over Conventional Alternatives


The contrivance of vegan fashion prompted the beginning of a new approach to preserving our environment. Shifting to vegan belts upholds more benefits aside from its eco-friendly properties. If you’re still thinking twice about switching to vegan fashion, pondering on the following advantages of vegan belts over conventional alternatives might be able to change your mind.




Compared to conventional belts that require leather and wool products, vegan belts are more sustainable. Vegan belts are mostly made from plant-based things and synthetic fibers, all of which are renewable resources. The production process by which animal skins go through to turn them into leather causes a significant increase in pollution, whereas the environmental impact of vegan belt production is approximately 82% lower than conventional belts.


But there are vegan supplies such as cotton, which are not considered sustainable. It takes approximately 700 gallons of water to manufacture a single cotton shirt. The cotton industry is also accountable for the production of 16% of insecticides and 68% of herbicides all around the world, which is one of the culprits of the contamination of waterways.


Conventional materials, on the other hand, do not need the use of toxic supplies such as insecticides and herbicides. However, the production process tends to impose a long-term adverse effect on the environment.


To aid the problem with cotton’s unsustainability, organic cotton is innovated. It has the same qualities and functions as regular cotton, but the production process does not require the use of toxic materials and reduces the use of water by up to 71%. There are still other synthetic fibers that can be used as a sustainable replacement to pieces of cotton, such as bamboo, hemp, linen, and such.


Reduce Risk of Skin Irritations with a vegan belt


Dermatologists often recommend that their patients consider switching to organic products like a vegan belt because they are gentle to the skin and reduce the risk of irritations. Vegan belts are made from 100% pure organic materials, which makes them less skin irritating. Conventional belts often contain toxic chemicals that might be harmful, especially if you have sensitive skin. That being said, switching to vegan belts allow you to show off a classy look without worrying about the detrimental effects your outfit might cause.


Cruelty-Free Vegan Belt


Leather belts are made from animals’ skins. They kill them, scrape their skin off, then turn it into leather which will be used to manufacture the belts. Faux leather belts or vegan belts are made from plant-based sources, which means that no animal was harmed during the production process.




Plant-based vegan belts are primarily sustainable and biodegradable. This means that faux leather belts are able to decompose once consumed in contrast to conventional, which are often made from synthetic components that take a long time before they decompose. Some of them even stay in their surroundings forever, harming today and the future generation.




The production of conventional synthetic fibers emits harmful chemicals and gases to the atmosphere, which doesn’t only affect the environment but also humans. We are also well aware of the violence animals experience on a daily basis to produce conventional belts. Switching to vegan belts and advocating to purchase products made with vegan materials to put a stop to animal cruelty, be animal friendly, and help preserve the environment promotes your good ethics. Remember that being fully aware of the problem and not doing anything about it also makes you a culprit.




In conclusion, this is everything you need to know about vegan designer belts. Our environment is degrading at a fast pace, and we might not be able to save it if we don’t start now. The simple shift from conventional belts to a vegan belt, as minor as it looks, can make a significant difference in preserving our environment and freeing the animals from the cruel hands of humans around the world (being animal friendly).


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There are various forms of vegan fashion, ranging from non-leather belts which are also called vegan leather belts or vegan belts, metal belts, and other colorful belts made of organic materials.

What is the best way to identify a genuine vegan belt?

There is often difficulty in identifying whether a belt is vegan. The belt's label can tell you what kind of leather it is if you check the material. This will help you determine whether you have a vegan leather belt. Further, silk and polyester, both of which are not vegan, are the most common materials used in belts. As a result, you should avoid belts that have these terms on their labels. Both cotton and nylon are vegan leather belt materials, as are vegan belts made from those two materials.

What makes vegan belts different from conventional belts?

The benefits of switching to vegan belts extend beyond their eco-friendliness. Furthermore, vegan straps are more sustainable than conventional belts made from leather and wool. Additionally, Dermatologists often suggest that their patients switch to organic products like vegan belts because they are gentle on the skin and reduce irritation risks. Compared to synthetic straps, vegan belts are made from organic materials, which are less irritating to the skin. Aside from this, we are not just aware that there are a lot of benefits and advantages that we get from wearing vegan belts, but we also have the opportunity to take advantage of them.

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