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The Best Reasons Vegan Belts make Great Father’s Day Gifts

vegan belts for vegan Father's Day gifts

Father’s Day is nearly there. As a wife or a child, you may be searching for the best vegan gifts to give them on their special day. There’s a long list of Father’s Day gift ideas you can find on the internet, including fun t-shirts, meal deliveries, wallets, and belts.


If your dad is 100% vegan, buying a vegan Father’s Day gift, such as belts, is enough to make them feel cared for, loved, and unique. Moreover, it is also your simple way to support vegan companies in your locality.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Belts for Dad


The number of customers supporting animal welfare and buying only cruelty free products is constantly growing. In line with that, the demand for vegan jewelry and accessories also increases. One of the most popular vegan accessories for both genders is belts because of their aesthetic look and exceptional functionality.


Although there is a significant increase in fashion designers manufacturing vegan collections, many customers still prefer accessories made with cruelty free vegan leather. According to the Conscious Fashion Report in 2020, there has been a notable 70% increase in the customer’s demand for vegan leather over the past few years.


What Makes Vegan Belts Different?


The following are some of the following key points that distinguish vegan belts from fashion accessories made with other materials:

  • Vegan belts are cruelty free and do not contain animal-based ingredients or materials, such as fur, down, leather, silk, wool, and many more.
  • It is not used for animal cruelty and testing
  • Vegan belts are made with natural and innovative materials
  • It supports resource-saving chain value
  • It uses little to no chemicals and other preservatives during the entire production process
  • Has acquired PETA Approved Vegan, which is the most critical seal for vegan fashion and stylish accessories


Vegan fathers would love and be proud to wear vegan belts. No matter what design or type you will give to your dad, it is worth noting that these fashion accessories are designed with the context of preventing products known for animal cruelty in favor of cruelty free products. 


You must ensure that the vegan belts you will purchase are made with 100% organic and natural materials. In other words, from its seams to its buckle, it must feature animal-free materials. On the other hand, it is worth noting that some fabrics that look and feel vegan are still more likely to contain animal ingredients. These fabrics may include silk or wool.


That being said, belts advertised as “vegan” but containing seal seams made of beeswax are considered non-vegan. To ensure that the belt you will give to your dad is 100% vegan, it is best to ask the supplier for their PETA-Approved Vegan Certificate.


Why Gift Vegan Belts to Your Dad?


When you heard “vegan,” what was the first thing that came into your mind? Probably, you are thinking of vegetable-based diets. Well, that is correct. However, that is not the only thing that will define someone as a vegan.


Even though following a plant-based diet is the main framework of veganism, its primary goal is to avoid products and foods made with animal materials or ingredients. Furniture, soap, toilet paper, and clothing are some of the few examples of products containing animal testing or cruelty.


Whether your dad is a flexitarian or a new vegan, it is essential to give him the best and pure vegan products as a gift. One of the most sought-after vegan products available for Father’s Day is vegan belts. Here are some common and encouraging reasons to buy vegan belts for Father’s Day.




Dads are the symbol of strength. Therefore, it is only justifiable to give them a present that is as sturdy and durable as they are.


Materials used for producing vegan belts are long-lasting. Aside from that, they are also waterproof and stain resistant. Moreover, they are also designed to resist external factors so that they can serve you for several years.


Another thing your dada will love about vegan belts is that they are also weather-resistant. This means that they can withstand different weather conditions considering that they are made with high-quality and natural materials.




Producing vegan belts and other vegan fashion accessories involves several procedures. Considering the costs related to the collection, treatment, and preparation of materials, vegan products, such as belts, are more expensive than those made with traditional materials.


Vegan belts are worth purchasing as you can ensure that they are 100% pure, free from animal testing, and durable enough to last for years. Therefore, this is a cost-effective present you can give to your father on his special day.




Veganism protects animals from cruelty. Purchasing vegan belts is one of the simplest ways you can do to support animal welfare. Since vegan belts are made with organic and natural materials, you can rest assured that no animals are harmed or hurt during the production.


Aside from that, using vegan materials is also a significant step to achieving sustainability while preserving and protecting the environment. After all, it is a human job to ensure the well-being and welfare of all living animals in the world. In line with that, using vegan products is an important way to lessen or diminish the negative impact of traditional products on mother nature.




Non-vegan materials need several treatments before using to the manufacturing process. This means that many chemicals and preservatives are being added to the material, which can harm the planet and lessen the material’s biodegradability.


On the other hand, products made with vegan materials, including vegan belts, pants, and clothes, use a combination of polyurethane and textiles, which are known materials with a lesser impact on the environment.


Top 10 Vegan Belts for The Best Father


If you are searching for the best vegan belts to give to your dad on Father’s Day, you are on the right track. Listed below are our top ten picks for the most sought-after and favorite vegan belts. Scroll down to know more about them.


  1. Croakies Artisan 1 Belt

Are you looking for fashionable vegan belts featuring trendy patterns? If so, look no further than Croakies Artisan 1 Belt. Because of its modern design, any dad would be proud to wear this with their favorite pair of jeans.  Choose from over 20 patterns just click the picture above to explore your options.  Not impressed with version 1 of Croakies Artisan Belt.  Perhaps click the picture below to explore Croakies Artisan 2 Belt options:

This belt differs from others because it is made with pure recyclable polyester webbing, and 1 inch of it was printed. This simple-looking belt fits anyone with a waist of up to 42 inches without the feeling of discomfort.

On the other hand, if your dad is a bit skinny, you can trim the belt to match his waist size. Furthermore, you can rest assured that this is 100% durable and high quality since it is assembled and designed in a well-known manufacturing lab in the United States.


  1. Corkor 30mm Wide Vegan Belts made with Cork Oak Bark

Corkor Vegan Belt made with Cork Leather is available in black and brown, suitable to pair with your daily or office jeans. One of the best things about this vegan belt is that you can shorten it easily to match the waist size of your dad.


This vegan cork belt is one of the trendiest vegan fashion accessories. It is made with 100% natural cork, so your dad can wear this fashionable accessory without disobeying his cultural belief. In addition, natural cork is known for being strong, comfortable, and flexible.


This is also a perfect thing to give to your dad as a Father’s Day present as it is packed in an appealing gift box.

  1. Corkor Vegan Belt for Men 35mm Wide

This Corkor vegan belt for men is produced in-house. It is designed and manufactured by local artisans. Thus, you can guarantee its quality and durability.


There are several things that make this Corkor vegan belt a perfect Father’s Day gift. One of these is its unique design that suits any jeans and can be worn on any occasion – whether formal or casual. Another is its meticulous details, evident from its stitching to its buckle design. Moreover, since this vegan belt is made with genuine cork, you can expect a premium, smooth feel.

  1. Corkor Vegan Leather Belt 30mm Wide Cork Reversible

For less than 40 US Dollars, you can get your dad a reversible Corkor vegan belt. Since this is made with pure cork, you can ensure its durability and flexibility. This vegan belt is designed for everyday use. Therefore, your dad can wear it to the office, attend a school meeting, or have a casual date with your mom.

This is one of the few vegan-approved belts on the market. It is stylish, and at the same time, no animal is involved in the manufacturing process. Corkor Vegan Leather Belt Cork Reversible is one of the best gift ideas with the best quality leather you can give to your Papa.

  1. Corkor Reversible 35mm Wide Vegan Leather Belt made with Cork

Another Corkor vegan belt to give to your dad is this 35mm Wide Corkor Reversible Vegan Belt made with Cork Oak tree bark. This is available at an affordable price, so you can get your dad a quality vegan fashion accessory without spending a fortune.


Corkor is an excellent vegan material used in producing aesthetically pleasing accessories. The good thing about it is that it does not crumble, or crack compared to other leather-made products. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches and stains, water repellent, and 100% natural.


  1. Axesoria Men’s Reversible Vegan Leather Belt

Next on our list is this Axesoria Men’s Reversible Vegan Leather Belt made with environment-friendly leatherette. Since it is reversible, your dad can change its color from brown to black by just twisting its buckle. Although this belt is made with cruelty-free, non-animal, and vegan leather material, it feels and looks like pure leather.


Another unique thing about this reversible belt is that it is slightly stretchy, giving a comfortable feel. Furthermore, its strap can fit up to a waist size of 39 inches.


  1. Doshi Professional 2 – Polished Chrome Belt

Are you searching for a more modern-looking and polished vegan belt for your dad? You would probably love this Doshi Professional 2 – Polished Chrome Belt. This vegan belt features an innovative microfiber, more robust than other vegan materials mentioned earlier.

Additionally, it features a simpler and smoother-looking buckle that will give your dad a more professional look. This is also one of the few vegan belts with the most affordable price of less than 25 US Dollars. It is best to order this vegan belt one size bigger than your dad’s waist.

  1. SlideBelts Men’s Ratchet Vegan Belt

Slidebelts Men’s Ratchet Vegan Belts for Men are another well-known accessory you can give to your vegan father. This vegan belt is known for its comfortable fit. It is also worth highlighting that this one does not feature holes. Therefore, your dad can easily adjust this belt to his size.


Moreover, the manufacturer also ensures to make this belt available in customizable sizes. In line with that, you can cut off the strap easily to match your dad’s waist size.


  1. Doshi Metallic Black Square 2 Vegan Belt

Another fashionable vegan belt to give to your dad on the upcoming Father’s Day is this Doshi Metallic Black Square 2 Belt. This is constructed using high-quality, sturdy, and smooth-surfaced vegan leather. Moreover, you can rest assured that this is 100% vegan as it features the PETA-approved seal.

  1. Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Classic Green Belt

Artigiano Vegan Cactus Leather Classic Green Belt made with high-end and animal-free microfiber. It is handmade by local artists in Mexico, making them more pricey than other vegan belts. Despite being expensive, this is one of the best-selling vegan belts for men in the market because they are durable and stylish. Since it is in high demand on the market, it is best to order once the shop has restocked since some sizes are being sold out quickly.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide helped you find the best vegan belts for men to give to your Papa this Father’s Day. Make them happy and memorable with these vegan Father’s Day gifts.  If you think that one of these vegan belts would not suit your dad for Father’s Day then we would like to suggest that you visit our Cruelty Free Belts Homepage, Vegan Leather Belts, Cork Belts, Canvas Belts, and Recycled Material Belts pages for more belt options of the best vegan belts for men this Father’s Day.


We would also recommend that you read some more of our phenomenal blog posts including: The Best Ever Recycled Material Vegan Belts by Jelt Belt“, “The Best Online Vegan Cooking Classes Taught by Vegan Chefs“, “Ethical Exercise with the Best Vegan Weight Lifting Belt“, and “High Quality Vegan Belts and Shoes by Wills Vegan Store.”

In what ways do vegan belts stand out from other belts?

It is cruelty-free to wear vegan belts since they contain no animal-derived materials or products, such as fur, down, leather, silk, wool, or any other material derived from animals. Belts made from vegan materials support resource-saving chain values and they are made from natural and innovative materials. Furthermore, the whole production process uses little to no chemical preservatives, and the company has been approved as Vegan by PETA, which is the most prestigious certification for vegan fashion.

In addition to the practical end environmental benefits of gifting your father a vegan leather belt, what are some of the other reasons to do so?

There is no doubt that Dads are symbolic of strength. In this regard, it is only appropriate to give them a gift as durable and sturdy as they are. The materials used in the manufacture of vegan belts have a long lifespan. In addition to that, they are also stainproof and waterproof. Aside from this, they are also designed to be resistant to external factors, allowing them to serve you for many years to come. The cost of manufacturing vegan products, such as belts, is also higher than the cost of manufacturing traditional products since it involves collecting, treating, and preparing the materials.

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