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The Best Vegan Combat Shoes for Men and Women

The Best Vegan Combat Shoes for Men and WomenIn today’s world, more people than ever have been championing vegan lifestyles, and their desires to live a “cruelty-free” life has spread beyond their dietary habits to embrace every aspect of their lives.

One significant area where veganism has been creating an impact is in our choices of footwear. Vegan footwear has been creating a stylish and sustainable buzz in the fashion world.

One important reason for this is because leather – which is used in many types of shoes and boots – is responsible for taking the lives of almost a billion cows and of other innocent animals.


Concern for The Condition of Animals


Proponents of vegan lifestyles and vegan products take their beliefs beyond their desire not to eat animals and extend them to the conditions of how animals are kept – and how they are treated. The living quarters of cows, pigs and chickens on breeding farms are often very cramped. When these animals are then slaughtered, it is often done by methods which are unnecessarily cruel.


In addition to using confining living quarters, animal handlers often overuse antibiotics. This has resulted in an increase in antibiotic-resistant diseases, which flourish in the unclean conditions of today’s farms.


These current methods of keeping and raising animals have resulted in a severe threat to public health.



Why Vegan Shoes Are a Better Choice


Leather is not only non-sustainable, but it makes a significant contribution to climate change. Cattle ranching has been shown to be responsible for 80% of the deforestation of the Amazon rainforests.


Benefits of Vegan Leather


Vegan leather is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU (polyurethane), and its resulting products result in a lower environmental footprint than products made from materials made from animals.


Vegan shoes can be made from recycled tires, recycled plastics, or from cork, canvas or either pineapple or coconut bark.


These materials have been shown to result in shoes whose styles and appearance are comparable – and sometimes, even better than those made by leather.


Packaging Materials Also Cause a Negative Environmental Impact


People who are serious about their desire to make sustainable choices are also turning their concerns toward the packaging or return methods of these items.


Until recently, plastics alternatives to use in packaging have been very expensive. Therefore, sustainable packaging has progressed to become a significant expense to companies who attempt to be environmentally friendly.


Why Consumers Should Be Inspired to Choose Sustainable Products.


Because of past consumer decisions, we now live in conditions which give evidence to the ways those decisions have resulted in a significant reduction of our earth’s resources. If we want to provide future generations with enough resources to survive, we should begin assertively retaining the earth’s natural resources, minimizing waste output, and controlling our consumption. These efforts can be enhanced by those who use products which have been crafted from recycled materials.


Other Benefits of Buying Vegan Shoes


When you buy vegan shoes or boots, you provide support for businesses who strive to operate in more ethical ways.


In today’s world, living a vegan lifestyle which encompasses diet, beauty and fashion is no longer as restrictive as it once may have been. It has become a positive choice; whose adoption has not only made an impact on the climate, but on mainstream fashion or shoe manufacturers like Nike or Adidas.


In order to provide you with examples of sustainably made shoes and boots, here are seven of the most popular styles currently available:


Will’s Vegan Store


1. Men’s Rangers


These new and trending glossy boots will bring sustainable fashion to you; in a bold and rugged boot that reaches just above your ankles.


These vegan combat boots are made in Portugal. They’re crafted from Italian leather, which is 69% bio-based and impeccably formed into a classic 7-eye boot silhouette.


You’ll comfortably stride into any occasion (they’re made for both business and leisure purposes) with their recycled rubber insoles. The outer soles have deep, irregular treads which will give you both support and traction, when needed.


The laces of these boots are made from recycled polyester and have strong metal tips. If you like, you can opt to thread your shoelaces around the backs of the boots instead of tying them in the traditional way.


Despite their somewhat utilitarian appearance, you’ll revel in the lush sensations you feel as you snuggle your feet and ankles into their two layers of vegan suede.


They will be easy to pull on and adjust; by using the embroidered WVS pull tabs, found on the heel and the tongue.


2. Men’s Goodyear Welt Tactical Boots


These boots are what you envision when you think of “combat boots.” Their rugged, classic style provides a bold yet rounded shape, while still allowing you to experience the solid support that comes from the vegan suede inner soles.


The boots also have a replaceable outer sole. If the soles wear thin, you can just stitch replacement soles over the welt and once again feel the support of their professionally crafted supporting soles.


These boots are the product of up to eight weeks’ work, and each pair has up to 75 separate parts. Their design can involve up to 200 different operations.


Their laces are made of recycled polyester, and you can choose to either lace them conventionally; up to the top with the gunmetal black lacing hooks or leave them loose to enjoy the freedom of an unlaced appearance.


As time goes by, your comfort from these shoes is sure to increase – because they are intended to mould to the shape of your foot.

3. Women’s Rangers


These boots are similar to the men’s rangers, (see above) yet with subtly crafted differences that are designed to conform to the bone structure and stride of women. With sloping curves, these boots will give you the stylish panache you’re looking for – but also allow you to feel the support and comfort of their thoughtful design.


Also made in Portugal and using the same type of vegan Italian leather as the men’s version; they are also 69 % biobased. These boots will provide you with the flexibility of their recycled breathable rubber soles and two-ply vegan suede insoles.


The laces of these boots are just as long as the ones on the Men’s boots, and you can restyle them in the same way.


The only difference in these boots from the men’s boots is with the brushed metal eyelets and speed hooks.


They will be just as easy to pull on by using the embroidered WVS pull tab on top of the backing of the boots.

4. Women’s Goodyear Tactical Boots


Very similar to their men’s version of these tactical boots, the women’s Goodyear tactical boots are made with the same impeccable craftsmanship and durability of the mens’ version.


They are crafted with the same meticulous method as the mend’s boots. The investment of time made in these boots becomes worthwhile when you slip your feet into their lushly lined inner soles.


The differences in their contour may be barely visible; yet their subtle changes make them the perfect choice for a woman who wants to stride in style yet strut with confidence.


Although the outsoles are less easily replaced than the men’s version – yet they can be re-soled by a competent cobbler.


All of the shoes from Will’s Vegan Store are guaranteed to be 100% leather-free and are certified to be carbon neutral. They are made via a carbon-neutral process and will be mailed to you in paper and cardboard packaging.


All of their shoes and boots can be paid for with installations, via the Klarna website.


If you choose to return them, you can feel free to do so within 365 days; by using their paperless carbon neutral return service.


When your Will’s shoes reach the end of their lives, you can send them back to the company in order for them to be recycled.



Amazon Vegan Combat Shoes and Boots:

The following styles can be found on

5. Dr. Martens Unisex-Adult Vegan 1460 Combat Boot


At first glance, these boots are deceptively simple. But, even though their classic style gives you the basic appearance of a stolid black combat boot, a more scrutinizing eye will reveal a two-toned outer surface, golden eyelets for your laces and precise Goodyear golden yellow welt stitching near the soles.

These impressive boots are crafted from glossy 100% vegan synthetic material. The formidable surface appearance of these boots masks a cushy, air-conditioned sole which will swath your feet and ankles in cloud-like comfort.

The Dr. Martens style remains the OG in combat boots. These boots have the same classic styling that’s been effective for years, yet they’ve been designed to withstand the pressure of standing up to today’s workdays or of a challenging trek through any terrain.


You can choose these boots in the classic black color; or opt for the newest version: cherry red.


  • Iconic yellow heel tab
  • Grooved sides
  • Slip resistant and abrasion resistant

6. Under Armor Men’s Micro G Valsetz


There’s a noticeable difference with these synthetic leather tactical boots. While they look soft and supple, they’re built tough and durable with rubber on both tops and bottoms.


You’ll love the two-toned surface, designed with off-black accents around twin tall shafts, complete with metal eyelets. The block-like TPU toe plates provide formidable protection for your feet.


You’ll find they provide very easy entry or exit; with pull tabs on both heels and tongue. There is also a unique mid-sole zipper to make the fit of your boots as precise as possible.


Despite their sturdy appearance, you’ll find these boots surprisingly lightweight.


  • Micro G cushioning in the middle layer of the sole assure your steps will be well-cushioned.
  • Oil-resistant and slip-resistant due to a hardy rubber outsole.

7. Oakley Men’s Light Assault Boot 2


The keyword here is “light” for these amazingly tactical boots. They look like a rubberized sheath yet give you the desired protection in a measure equal to any rival tactical boot.

These tall and stately rubber boots are made in Indonesia, and they’ll give you everything you’re looking for in a non-leather boot. The shaft of these boots is eight inches tall, and the contoured soles are solid rubber.

All Amazon shoes and boots can easily be purchased on the Amazon website, and, as always, are covered by Amazon’s customer service guidelines and its liberal return policy, if needed.


In addition to promoting these high-quality vegan combat shoes and boots, our affiliate marketing website is growling in recognition of its dedication to producing sustainable products. While they specialize in crafting quality vegan belts, their website has many quality products which would be of interest to anyone who is dedicated to a cruelty-free lifestyle.


You can find them their website here:


Use of cattle for leather has been shown to be subsequently responsible for the deforestation of over 75% the Amazon rainforest.

Creation and use of sustainable packaging, and of containers to use for shipping, display and sales.

Cork, canvas, recycled tires, and pineapple or coconut bark.

Because many of today’s breeding farms overuse antibiotics, there has been an increase in antibiotic-resistant diseases, which makes a largely negative impact on public health.

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