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Material of your Vegan Belt



Is your vegan belt made of synthetic material aka vegan leather?  Or is it made from non-recyclable and harmful to the environment materials?  Or is it made with recycled materials? Or is it made of animal leather which are made from the skin of animals that were killed for the main purpose which is to extract their skin for commercial purposes?  What vegan leather vegan belt brands will you choose?



pile of leather belts and vegan belts



What’s so great about vegan belts?



Just about everything. And you won’t feel bad that no hapless animal was killed so you will have the luxury of wearing a beautiful and fashionable belt made from vegan leather.


And the Earth is so much better-taken care of because of people like you who have chosen to take the path of patronizing vegan belt brands (our belts are not offered to Amazon United Kingdom customers).


100% vegan belts










Cruelty-Free Vegan Belts



What eco-friendly belts can you enjoy? There are vegan leather belts, recycled materials belts, eco friendly cork belts, and also canvas belts. They are all available on our online store Cruelty Free Belts’.  They look just like any fashionable and functional belt, even better looking!  But they’re made from sustainable and harm free materials.  Vegan leather belts for men and women are good for the planet, good for the animals and good for our soul.



Flexible in use



Not only vegan belts are being created but also vegan clothes, jackets and even intimate items that can be created with your imagination. Whatever you’re thinking of, there is perhaps a vegan leather adaptation.


purses vegan belts

People with the money to splurge invest in vegan shoes, boots, billfolds, handbags and even vegan leather seat covers for their cars.










Choosing kind Vegan Belts


Not only do vegan belts make you look good, but they also make you feel good because they’re all cruelty-free. Billions of cows, goats, pigs, alligators, sheep, kangaroos, ostriches, and would you believe, even dogs and cats, are dreadfully slaughtered for their skins every single year.


sheep skin vegan belts


The tails and horns of some of these precious animals are cut off without the use of painkillers. Many of them are even cut apart and skinned while they’re still alive.





A Killer – Vegan Belts


Without killing any of these animals which deserve to live longer and happier lives.  Choose to buy only cruelty free vegan leather products like vegan belts, vegan shoes, vegan briefcases, and more.


Vegan Belts vs Genuine Leather Environmental Impact


Mother Earth also loves sustainable vegan leather too. Do you know that turning animal skin into leather takes tons of energy and a poisonous brew of chemicals to make. This toxicity includes coal and tar derivatives, mineral salts, dyes, formaldehyde, oils and finishes, with some of them cyanide based.




Some of the tannery waste included in the making of animal leather have water fouling salt, sulfides, acids, lime sludge and other earth wrecking pollutants.  You should start having vegan belts and shoes in your closet. Shed your skins completely and support tannery workers by giving them more fair working conditions making new and eco-friendly vegan belts instead.  If perhaps you don’t see a vegan label, look for the words faux leather or man-made materials.


tannery vegan belts


Shop for Vegan Belts


The products from Cruelty Free Belts site are created to provide the highest quality and comfort for you. 


Become a customer today!


These vegan belts will last as long, if not even longer, than cruelty based standard real leather belt and they’re selling for a great price too.  Here below, we shall provide you with a curated list of some of our favorite vegan belts (including skinny belts) from some of our favorite vegan belt brands (like Doshi) that we sell online:




1. Men’s Collection Doshi Belts


They are made of high-quality construction with the best Vegan Leather available. Stylish and chic, they are also PETA-approved. The materials are cruelty-free microfiber vegan leather which is even more supple and durable than lower priced leather substitutes. Order early because some sizes and colors may not be in stock at times.  Purchase and ship one to your residence today!


Doshi Women’s Vegan Belts:


1. Doshi Square Reversible Belt


womens vegan belt



Your color choices for these vegan belts with buckle are Black/Camel, Light Caramel/Blue, Bright Red/White, Oxlove Light/Grey, and Pink/Brown brown belt.


You also choose from a Gold Buckle or a Silver Buckle. They are PETA approved belts.


These belts have 1 inch width and have no flaws which make them look so beautiful. Their reviews have given them mostly thumbs-ups, and it ships to your house.


2. Doshi Gold Ring Belt


vegan belt women'sThey are wide vegan belts. The Doshi Gold Ring women’s vegan Belts have a solid gold colored Buckle with choices of 4 colors. Choose from red, black, brown belt and white.


The Doshi Gold Ring Belt is soft but of high quality. It is sturdy but fashionable and goes well with many outfit styles. It is also PETA approved. Please have an official measurement of your size before executing your order.



Living a Vegan Lifestyle



The vegan lifestyle is a personal choice. If you have a consciousness that reminds you that you are part of a bigger sphere which is the Earth, you will make the best choice.


Since you are a rationale being with the ability to think and to make decisions on your own, you should also be aware of the well-being of the flora and the fauna that’s all around you.


Most of the time, their well-being depends on our own actions. Like for example, forest cover have long been going bald all over the world because of the insatiable human demand for wood and other forest resources.


Animals Extinct


Many animals have gone extinct or are going extinct because we have hunted them down or simply because the ecosystem cycle of the food chain is not working effectively for them anymore. Most of the time, it’s human intervention which destroys the natural flow of this food cycle.


Stop being Mean


We must put a stop to this through our conscious actions and choices. Aside from our diet transforming from carnivore to herbivore choices, we also consider our preferences in what we use when we construct our shelter and also the clothes and the accessories that we use on our bodies.  Even just making one change like choosing a vegan or faux leather belt, or vegan shoes over real leather belt or shoes will make an impact.


Buy vegan accessories


One of the cruelty free choices we can all make is to patronize vegan belts because these accessories have always been part of human fashion history.  Let’s put an end to animal suffering in our own way, even if others still won’t stop. There’s such a thing as human discretion and human free will.


Persuade others


Better still, if we can gently persuade others to exit a sordid world reality where animal meat is consumed rampantly and their skin and other body parts blatantly peeled off to adorn our bodies with leather, ivory and other cruelty acquired element from animals, we will be doing our own heroic part to diminish the carbon footprint.


About Doshi Company


Now, you know a lot about our vegan belts. It’s time you get to know us, Doshi, the organization that’s behind all these wonderful products.  Doshi is based in Southern California suburbia. But we’re not just part of one state. We would like to think that we are citizens of the world at large. A world that needs a lot of caring and attention.  Shop through all of Doshi vegan products including Belts, Backpacks, Briefcases, Wallets, and Handbags now by clicking here.


Doshi – Owner 


We have the goal to provide smart, quality and fashionable vegan products (like a faux leather belt) to people like you who have this steadfast ethical, environmental or religious belief that makes them follow the path towards seeking vegan products consciously.  This movement has been on the move since the 1960s, and we strive to sustain it in our own small way by providing for the needs of environmentally inspired and socially conscious professionals and fashionistas.


What makes Doshi different from other Vegan Belt Suppliers?


Doshi Manufacturer are not accidental product makers who just stumbled upon the feasibility of vegan belts and other sustainable products. They set out and started to intentionally apart a vegan culture.


Founder of Doshi


Firstly, our founder is vegan and he intentionally set out to create Doshi. He personally oversees the product design and the selection of materials. He directly coordinates with factories to create intentionally vegan merchandise for both vegan and vegan friendly clients.


Doshi design is intentionally vegan. Doshi studies trends, consults with like minded designers, and keep being alerted to the trends in the marketplace which guarantees that our vegan products are up to date for you.


Doshi Materials


Our materials are intentionally vegan. Paras Doshi, our founder, have early on realized that ordinary PU was a low quality material. He made the intentional effort to find the best vegan materials that are available. He spend a lot of valuable years researching and journeying to source the best vegan materials possible.


Doshi Manufacturing


Doshi executes an intentionally vegan manufacturing process. Doshi partners with factories to get the premium vegan materials with a manufacturing process that’s vegan from top to bottom.  Glues, threads, interlining, structural materials and all hardware need to be all 100 percent vegan. And no animal products whatsoever should be involved in any phase of the production.


Perhaps you’re like us here at Cruelty Free Belts and are a little crazy about Vegan Leather Belts.  If this is you, we recommend reading some of our related blog posts: How to Make your own Vegan Leather Belt“, “Cactus Leather – More Prick but Less Harm to Animals“, “Vegan Belts – the Ethical Real Leather Free Alternative“, “The 10 Best Reasons Why a Genuine Leather Belt is Worse than a Vegan Leather Belt“, “Vegan Leather vs Real Leather – What’s the Best Option?“, “Non Leather Belt – the Cruelty Free Difference it Makes“, and “Are Vegan Leather Belts Better than Real Leather Belts?”

What are the kinds of vegan belts to choose from?

A vegan belt can be made of synthetic materials, such as vegan leather, or from materials that are non-recyclable and non-harmful to the environment, such as plastic. Moreover, the leather can be made using recycled materials and not from animals whose skin was killed for the sole purpose of extracting the leather for commercial purposes.

Considering vegan belts as a great option, why should you use one?

Microfiber vegan leather finds its way into Doshi vegan belts, for instance, making them even softer and more durable than lower-cost substitutes. Furthermore, there is an elegant belt that is soft yet of high quality, as well as stylish and durable and it is also PETA approved. Moreover, a great deal of care was put into finding the best vegan materials available. And his passion for finding the best vegan materials led him to spend many valuable years researching and traveling.

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