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Vegan Gloves To Delight You In 2022

vegan gloves



vegan gloves With winter well and truly here, with lots of cold and wet weather, it is a good idea to invest in a nice pair of gloves. The right pair should offer you the protection you need while out in the snow and icy temperatures, whether you are more a fan of gloves or thicker mittens. Some will even go further with better performance for outdoor pursuits. Then there are all the practical gloves for driving and training that are always helpful throughout the year.


vegan glovesHowever, vegan consumers often face a little bit of a dilemma when shopping for the best vegan leather gloves online. There are lots of great designs from major names and even some designers, but we soon find out they aren’t vegan leather. So what should we do? We need to wear something to stop our hands from going numb!



vegan gloves The answer lies in companies that deliberately make 100% vegan leather gloves. There are some great options out there that are cruelty-free, really warm and practical, and look nice too. This guide offers an introduction to 10 of the best vegan gloves for 2022. Before that, let’s look at why some gloves are so problematic and what to expect from vegan products.


Why Are So Many Practical And Winter Gloves Problematic For Vegans?


The problem with a warm and reliable pair of gloves is that they aren’t always guaranteed to be vegan. Many brands that want to use high-end materials for the best performance tend to lend towards problematic materials from animal-based sources. This means constantly being in contact with these by-products and dealing with the ethical implications. Some come from industries where animals die for by-products. Others are farmed in conditions where cruelty and neglect are a possibility. Those materials include:


  1. Leather, often in riding or driving gloves that need more style and durability.
  2. Wool, which is knitted into cozy winter gloves and mittens.
  3. Sheepskin, which is a common material for lining for added warmth.

What Are Vegan Gloves?


Vegan gloves offer an alternative approach without these cruel materials and processes. There are alternative materials and lots of companies make beautiful products with them. Some are great copies where you can’t tell the difference, while others lean into the idea of being more quirky and interesting.


We’re going to split this guide into three different categories to show you what you can get without resorting to animal products or any concerns about animal cruelty. They are faux vegan leather gloves, such as driving and riding gloves, knitted gloves that don’t rely on wool, and alternative material gloves for other needs.


The Best Vegan Knitted Gloves For Winter.


When we use the term knitted, we mean gloves that have been knitted or woven from soft materials into a cozy pair of winter gloves. Often you will find chunky knit and patterned gloves made with wool, or mittens with animal-based linings. But, as the following items show, this doesn’t have to be the case.


1. C.C Unisex Cable Knit Winter Warm Anti-Slip Touchscreen Texting Gloves


Let’s start with a classic-looking product you would expect to be made from wool. The design of this cable knit is pretty with the knitted pattern running through the material and it mimics wool gloves very well. However, these are 100% acrylic and really nice and soft. The gloves have full coverings for individual fingers, allowing for continuous warmth and articulation while you are enjoying your time outside. The stretch on the fabric means they should fit most hands pretty well too.


Surprisingly for a more casual-looking glove, there are SmartTips on the thumb and index finger to help wearers use their smartphones. Another feature we really like about these gloves is the confetti pattern. This speckling looks great on soft natural tones like oatmeal.


2. isotoner Women’s Chunky Cable Knit Sherpasoft Mittens


Another product that makes good use of smartphone-friendly features is this one from isotoner. This brand is skilled in creating classic gloves with a modern touch, and these mittens are a great example. Now, mittens are something people either love or hate. If you prefer greater articulation then the gloves above are more convenient. But, these think mittens are very warm and cozy in the right setting.


They are perfect for keeping hands warm while out around a bonfire or on a walk in the snow. There is an acrylic faux wool cable knit design and a vegan fleece lining for added warmth. This comes in a few grown-up colors with black, red, heather gray, and ivory on offer. Another nice detail is the non-slip patch on the palm, which is perfect for gripping a mug of cocoa.


3. NOVAWO Women’s Winter Arm Warmers Warm Fingerless Gloves Hand Crochet


Last up for the knitted vegan gloves is something a little different. Again, you might find this is perfect for your needs and a more practical solution than mittens, or that it isn’t warm enough. These arm warmers don’t cover too much of the fingers, keeping them free to type, work, and carry out other practical tasks while outdoors. But, the tube-shaped fit does go over the palm, some of the thumb, and a long way up the forearm.


They are an interesting fashion accessory for cooler days and evenings. As with the other two models, these are 100% acrylic and you can get them in a range of colors to suit your outfit choices.


The Best Vegan Gloves From Alternative Materials.


Basically, the products we want to highlight here are those that don’t fit in with the other faux materials and styles. There are some fun synthetic gloves with a practical purpose that show that you don’t need animal-based products to get the functionality you need. Let’s start with a familiar brand.


4. isotoner Womens Stretch Fleece Gloves With Microluxe Lining and Smart Touch Technology 


To be honest, we could have gone with a lot more of these isotoner products because there is such a wide variety of interesting gloves in their range. Not all are vegan, but these are with a blend of synthetics including spandex, nylon, and polyester. The outer material is a stretchy spandex blend that allows for a great fit around the hand and plenty of comfort, whatever you need to do. There is also a nice level of water resistance thanks to the SmartDRI technology.


Inside, there is the soft Microluxe lining, rather than the typical sheepskin or animal-based fleeces. This allows for some extra warmth through the winter. What makes these even more practical is the smarTouch pads in the thumb and index finger. These are designed for “pinpoint accuracy” when using smartphones and tablets with these gloves in. With the added benefits of the palm strip for a better grip and the range of colors, there’s a lot to like here.


5. Contraband Pink Label 5307 Women’s Design Series Diamond Mesh Lifting and Rowing Gloves 


Those isotoner gloves are great for general wear while out during the winter. But, there are other specialist gloves for sports and training throughout the year. These Contraband Pink Label gloves are a great example of a vegan training glove. Don’t be put off by the word leather in the description. This Amara leather is a vegan substitute that offers the same durability without any of the cruelty.


From there, you also get the benefits of the breathable mesh on top for sweat-free hands, and the lightweight of the materials overall. Again, there are plenty of color choices in this synthetic material, so you can find what suits your style. Another curious feature of note is the pull tabs on the fingers. The idea here is that wearers can pull them off more easily without worrying about damaging their nails. It is an interesting quirk that many wearers will appreciate.


6. The North Face Women’s Etip Recycled Glove


Finally, we want to talk about another practical option using synthetics. This one isn’t as vibrant or niche as the training gloves. Instead, there is a broader appeal to let users of all kinds get more warmth during outdoor pursuits. The North Face is a popular brand for outdoor wear, especially with coats and other warm-weather gear. So, it makes sense to look into their vegan options for gloves too.


For us, the standout features lie with the materials used. Not only is this polyester and vegan, but there is also 93% recycled polyester in each product. This is great for those that are vegan on ethical and environmental grounds as we get to do even more for the planet. For The North Face, the standout features are the Radiametric Articulation and 5-Dimensional Fit for better comfort whatever you are doing.


The Best Faux  Vegan Leather Gloves.


Let’s wrap it up with some of the best vegan leather gloves made with faux leather. This is what you tend to see the most when you search for vegan leather gloves online, although even then search results still offer real leather and sheepskin. This is because there are so many fashion gloves, driving gloves, and other items made with this material. The following are some of the best vegan alternatives in a range of styles.


7. Fingerless Driving PU Faux Vegan Leather Gloves – Outdoor Sport, Half Finger Glove for Men, Women, & Teens


If those women’s driving gloves are a little too extreme in their style and design, you might prefer this option. These are unisex vegan leather gloves that have a more straightforward design but are still fingerless for better control while driving. One thing that is notable about these vegan leather gloves is that you might be a little bit warmer.


There is a nice fit with this A-grade PU vegan leather and the buckle closure should help keep out the cold around the wrists. They are designed to flex with the hands for maximum comfort and seem to be up for regular use. You don’t get the same color options here, but you do still get a nice product with wider appeal.


8. Downholme Vegan Leather Gloves for Men


Our first option is actually quite simplistic in its form and style. The main aim here seems to be to provide a warm and comfortable vegan leather glove that mimics the real thing. It succeeds in this aim by providing a really nice faux vegan leather outer material that looks great against the authentic alternatives. There is a clean cut to the vegan leather with minimal design features. It is just there to protect and offer warmth.


On that note, they have added a soft polyester fleece to mimic the sheepskin in other gloves. This isn’t going to have quite the same feel as the real thing, but you can wear the vegan leather gloves with a clearer conscience.


9. Riparo Women’s Vegan Leather Gloves – Full-finger Driving Touchscreen 


Next, we have something a little different. Driving gloves may not be for everyone, but if you are keen to get a quality pair there is no reason why you can find some vegan leather  gloves for driving. These women’s gloves look great with attention to detail in the crafting of the synthetic leather. A key feature here is the knuckle holes on the back for greater comfort and freedom of movement when driving. These are all handmade.

If you really want to embrace the retro vibe of these vegan leather gloves, you can also go for a nice brown color or dark red, rather than the usual black. There is no lining in these for extra comfort or warmth, but it does mean they are lightweight, easy to store, and easy to take off. An odd extra feature considering this old-fashioned vibe is some of that smartphone-friendly tech we mentioned before. You can text with these vegan leather gloves on – although obviously not while driving.

10. DooWay WOMEN VEGAN LEATHER GLOVES Brown Faux Lambskin Leather PU Halloween Evening Dress Party Finger Gloves


For the last of these faux vegan leather options, we have something from a completely different market. Ignore the tag of Halloween in the description for these. They could be great as a costume accessory, or for cosplay while doing vintage murder mystery nights or something. But, there is no reason why you can’t wear these on a night out and make a statement.


The first statement is in the length of these vegan leather gloves. They go on for miles, stretching right up past the elbow at 50cm long. The other statement is that you achieved this look without resorting to the materials of that vintage era. This is faux vegan leather that is supple and shiny and ensured no sheep were harmed so you can go and have a fun night out.


Vegan Glove FAQs

Are faux leather gloves always 100% vegan?

No. This is something that you need to be very careful with, as we were when carrying out our research on these gloves. There are two factors to consider when looking at vegan leather gloves. The first is the material of the faux leather outer. These should be PU leather or plant-based with no concerns about animal cruelty. Then there is the lining. This substitute for sheepskin should be a vegan synthetic. However, you should always check. When compiling this list, we found a beautiful pair of faux leather gloves with a wool lining.

Are fleece gloves vegan?

Ideally, you are looking for a fleece lining or fleece-based material from a synthetic source. The products above tend to use polyester or acrylic to create something just as soft and thermal. These may not have the exact same feel or texture, but they can still be very soft and cozy. They should also be machine washable and easy to take care of.

What are vegan touchscreen gloves?

This is a term you will see a lot these days, and many of the products above have this feature. What it basically means is that there are pads on the thumb and index finger that allow for interactions with a smartphone screen. So, you can text, make calls, and take selfies with ease while wearing your gloves. This is a great alternative to fingerless gloves if you are in a colder climate.

Are vegan gloves just women’s accessories?

Not at all. Some are for men, others for women, and others unisex. Often you will find that where we have highlighted a women’s or men’s models in this guide, there is a version for the opposite sex that is similar in style. They should also have the same materials and main features. This isn’t always the case, but it is worth checking out.

There Are Lots Of Great Vegan Gloves For 2022.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find a great new pair of vegan gloves for the winter. Check out our recommendations and the tips in the FAQs for a better chance of finding something comfortable, attractive, and cruelty-free. There really is no need to wear leather and sheepskin when these faux leather, acrylic, and polyester products are such great alternatives. So, find what fits you and get back to enjoying the season with a clear conscience.



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