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vegan food vegan beltsOne of the best things about the modern take on veganism is that the community is a little more relaxed about how far people delve into the lifestyle. There isn’t an expectation to be strictly vegan, but a warm invitation to try various substitutions like vegan belts. Naturally, the diet is a leading factor as people move away from meat, fish, eggs, and diary to various degrees. There is also a growing trend for vegan skincare brands. But, what about our clothing and accessories?


Vegan Clothes and Accessories


vegan clothing vegan beltsThe leather shoes, bags, and belts are sometimes the last to go because they are such practical everyday items. We are more attached to those reliable work shoes or that belt. But that if there was a stylish high-quality vegan belt alternative. That is where Cruelty Free Belts has your back by offering vegan belts.



Vegan Belts better for the planet?


world vegan day vegan beltsA good belt can make or break an outfit while also offering a better fit. A bad belt can make us feel uncomfortable and lead to the death of innocent animals. It sounds like an extreme statement, but we can’t overlook the fact that leather belts are animal by-products.


Negotiating for Vegan Belts


If you are yet to make the switch from leather belts to vegan belts, let us try and convince you for a moment. You might think that this is the best way to get a strong, durable material that can handle daily use and still look good. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. Designers have found ways to replicate leather without the need for animal hides and all the processes that go with it.


Faux Leather or Recycled Material


faux leather vegan beltsYou can wear faux leather (aka vegan leather) vegan belt or another fun plant-based item and know that no creatures were harmed in the process. Reduced reliance on farmed animals leads to improvements in land use and reductions in greenhouse gases. Meanwhile, with plant-based belts, you get the benefits of materials that are sustainable. If you can find something with recycled materials, then all the better. You can pick a design with a much lower impact on the environment and wear it with pride.


recycled plastic bottles vegan belts







Where to Buy Vegan Belts?


If this idea of a greener belt from an alternative material interests you, you will enjoy browsing the different options at Cruelty Free Belts. Our online catalog makes it easy to not only find great designs but to compare our four material types to find the right choice for you. You get direct access to brands leading the way in vegan belt design, who all use great materials and interesting design features to make fashionable vegan leather belts.


Cruelty Free Materials


There are four material options available when you choose a quality vegan belt from Cruelty Free Belts. Each option has its benefits regarding style and practicality, as well as some great products to choose from. There should be something within the range to suit various tastes. Here is a brief introduction with some key brands to look out for:


Leather Vegan Belts


When we say leather here, what we mean is faux leather belts or vegan leather belts that replicate the look of the real thing without the cruelty. Leather is a no-go area for strict vegans because it is a by-product of an industry that exploits animals. We would rather have something vegan where we know that no animal came to harm. The rise in the quality of PU and PVC vegan leather belts or faux leather belts begs the question of why we still need to use the real thing.


doshi vegan beltsOne of the best brands for vegan leather belts right now is Doshi Belts – simply because of the vast range of options. For a start here, there is a sense of quality in the crafting of the material, the thickness, and the stitching that make these look authentic. You then have a choice between the different colors from blacks to warm browns. There are also various buckle designs to suit different tastes. The belts are well-received by buyers who love the feel of the soft micro-fiber leather and the fact that they are vegan certified. This is proof that not only can you get a work belt that will fool people, but you can also switch it up for a different look sometimes.


However, we know that this approach isn’t right for everyone. Some find that these belts can look and feel a little too realistic for their tastes. You may feel smart in one of these at a fancy occasion or work event or possibly a little uncomfortable. If this is the case, there are some great alternatives available too.


Cork Vegan Belts


This is where we start to get into more unusual territory. The vegan leather designs have some familiarity in their look and feel. They look smart and familiar at first until you realize that this dense material isn’t leather at all. Cork retains many of the same great properties, such as the durability, waterproofing, and deep color. They should not crack like leather though, making them a little more effective. The bonus is, of course, the fact that this is a true plant-based belt for vegans. You have the cork from the tree bark, the metal buckle and fixtures, and nothing else to trigger your conscience.  Click here to see our selection of high-quality cork belts.


corkor vegan beltsIf you want an attractive cork vegan belt that has a similar look to leather, you can’t go wrong with a Corkor vegan belts. These minimalist products invite other people to do a double take. There is a clean form to the thick material and a nice texture that could be leather – but there isn’t the cracking or shine. Instead, it is a multipurpose brown cork belt with a shiny buckle that is plant-based and made from sustainable oak. It is vegan certified and made to last. There is also the bonus of the gift box packaging, in case you want to get one of these for a vegan friend.


Canvas Vegan Belts


So far, the products highlighted have been pretty smart, perhaps for work outfits or more formal attire. However, this isn’t always necessary. If you want something simple for a pair of jeans on the weekend, you want a nice complimentary belt that is more casual then you might be better off with a canvas version from Cruelty Free Belts. Canvas is strong but flexible and more likely to offer color and print options. Nylon versions may be durable, but cotton versions allow for the use of a natural vegan leather material.


There are lots of interesting designs and fashionable styles with a vegan belt. The Grip6 Web Belts offer a nice blend between a user-friendly style and a durable material. This is a nylon strap rather than cotton, but this means military-grade strength. The right design with the textured cord and clasp should look great on many different outfits.


We can’t talk about the design of the canvas belts without highlighting one final selling point. Most of the smarter traditional belts will have a system of notches and a buckle to fasten it in place. This isn’t always the most comfortable and a pain for those that want to adjust the fit. Be aware that while the band is similar across the line, there are many clasp options to choose from. The Honeycomb is unusual and looks great.


Recycled Material Vegan Belts


We left this one until last for a reason. The concept behind these belts is great for vegans and those embracing elements of the lifestyle because it ticks two boxes at once. For a start, you are assured that there are no animal products, and nothing linked to animal cruelty at all.  Also, you get the added benefit of recycled material belts that reuses waste materials. That means that items were saved from landfills and repurposed to make something practical and attractive. It is a long way from the waste of an animal’s life for the creation of animal products.


We offer access to a lot of high-quality recycled material vegan belts from C4. The great thing about this brand is that there is no shortage of designs out there. The materials include high-grade thermoplastic from an old bottle that is processed and printed with these bold patterns and colors. There is even the option to swap out the bright buckles to update the look. While they are fun, you are still assured a durable accessory with added waterproofing, even with the plastic buckle rather than a metal one.


Where To Get Vegan Belts?


You can get these belts highlighted and others in the range direct from our homepage where you can select from lots of vegan belts: Cruelty Free Belts online store. The site will offer easy access to models as well as information on the materials and some style tips.




Obviously, we would love to say that every option in this series will be a hit with every vegan, but that simply isn’t realistic. Tastes vary and opinions on vegan belt material choices vary too. That is why this broad range is so important. Hopefully one of these plant-friendly alternative belts will be just what you are looking for to make that switch from real leather to vegan materials.


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Choosing the right vegan belt brand can be a challenge. What should you look for?

Vegan belts are made of quality material, which is reflected in the thickness and stitching, making them look authentic. Besides being plant-based, these belts are vegan-friendly as well. The metal buckle and fixtures, as well as the cork from the tree bark, are the only items triggering your conscience. Moreover, they offer a nice blend between a user-friendly style and a durable material, as well as being strong but flexible, and they offer color and print options.

What makes vegan belts made from recycled materials a great choice?

Belts made from recycled material are a great choice since waste materials can be reused. This means that items were saved from landfills and repurposed for practical and aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, from the waste of an animal's life for animal products, we have come a long way.

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